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Server rules

Below is a summary of rules you need to follow if you want to have an account on this server of Mastodon:

  1. No nazis
  2. No capitalist by choice (we live in a capitalist society but because we live on it does not mean we choose it)
  3. No alt-right
  4. No Government employees, specially police and feds from any nation/area
  5. No security researchers working for the government, specially military, police, secret service from any part of the world
  6. No Stalinist
  7. No sell out hackers not respecting the hacker culture and ethics
  8. No cyber criminals
  9. No Right wing from any area/place
  10. No security researchers working for a unethical corporation, one that is known for exploiting and data-mining its users like Facebook, Google, Apple and such
  11. No Anarcho capitalists
  12. NO LINKS to SITES WITH EVIL TRACKERS and BAD JAVASCRIPT Sites like facebook, instagram, twitter, reddit, etc Use alternatives or alternative front-ends like invidious, nitter, etc "friends do not poison friends with evil links so a third party can take advantage of them"
  13. No talking bad about minorities, trans, gay, or anything else. Even if someone says they are a cat, then respect that person in all ways. This is an LGBT+ friendly instance and a safe place.
A mastodon instance for hackers, social anarchists, and anarchist hackers or anarcho hackers. No anarcho-capitalists or capitalist allowed, this is an instance for hackers, anarchists and other libertarian socialists and anarchist communists only. Noobs and people wanting to learn are welcome as long they share the hacker ethics of decentralization, horizontal societies, free and open source software and that ALL information MUST to be "Free".
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