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police abuse 


"The next most common area of police misconduct is abuse of colleagues. Other charges include child sex offences and rape."

"Patsy Stevenson, who was arrested at a vigil for Sarah Everard, has said she was left “terrified” when “more than 50 police officers” contacted her on Tinder."

#police #abuse

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So yes, dresses (but also skirts if you like).


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RMS, open source personaly cult 

I see a significant overlap between RMS, Musk, Torvalds fans and Cryptocurrency dudebros. Not really surprising though 🤔 Most of the community has descended into a shit-hole in the last 20 years… I'm kind of glad I did not fall down this rabbit hole and barely interacted with most of those people hacking on my own stuff in isolation.

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Wow, local timeline on hispagatos is full of RMS worshippers... fuck that shit :(

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fuck jobs. i dont want to 'work'. i want to contribute to something useful. be an equal part of something useful.

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Discovering non-binary tiktoks on youtube. Some cool ones in there.

#nonbinary #enby

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20/3/2016 - 20/3/2021
5 χρόνια κέντρα κράτησης

Σούδα, Χίος, #Refugeesgr

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police violence against a small child, gofundme link 

A Houston cop shot Legend Smalls, a 1 year old, in the head, while his mother’s car was being carjacked. He’s survived, but is still in critical condition as the bullet is removed. His uncle setup a gofundme for medical bills and for support for Legend’s mom as well (their lawyers are pro bono so none of it will be used for legal fees). If you got some extra stimulus, maybe send it their way. gofundme.com/f/help-legend-dai

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"One ICU bed not used for COVID-19 is occupied by Dimitris Koufontinas, a long-term prisoner from the November 17 group. Over a month ago, we reported that he was on hunger strike, demanding better conditions and to be moved to Korydallos prison in Athens in order to be closer to his family and friends. He has been on hunger strike ever since."


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Free idea to anyone owning crypto:

Sell it and donate the money to orgs fighting against climate change.

And stop buying crypto, ffs.

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A group of Black revolutionaries have started an autonomous zone named #OrishaLand in #Austin, #Texas. They've already done a lot to fight #gentrification by organizing material support & political education for the local Black community. It's a real glimmer of hope for what has otherwise been a shitty #BlackHistoryMonth.

For more about their recent efforts:

On social media:
Instagram: @400and1
Twitter: @_400and1
Facebook: /400and1

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The following is an interview with Ashanti Alston Omowali, an African descent anarchist activist, who started his political militancy back in the ‘60s in the Black Panther Party. He was also a member of the Black Liberation Army, and because of his revolutionary activities spent more than a decade in prison...


sea shanty and dutch politicians 

Dutch politicians doing a meme, involuntary

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Yesterday, attacked the Gara region of in . keeps saying that there are forces in the region. This journalist presses the Kurdish forces for regional autonomy to not stay silent on this matter.



Some people are braving the canals, but it doesn't look safe yet

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