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email or xmmp for password reset's and general help and discussion

You can also reach me on mastodon:

I suggest saving this as txt file if you are a regular user.

Here's my public PGP key . . .

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I feel bad for peep that come 2 fedi make these heart felt posts and get literally 0 interaction, no stars, no reshares, no follows, eventuallyl they just leave. and thats on us, Fedi doesn't have an algorithm to ink people with their interests, and the way federation functions it can easily over represent certain people ( like anime spammers ) while giving others 0 reach

so keep that in mind don't be stingy with likes and reshares, and manually check in on your follow(er) list once in awhile

feasible to do 2x 2.5" drives in 1 3.5" slot on most desktops, tho you might be limited in terms of the size of the HD to 2tb.

could get 4 2tb hdd's for under 300$ or 1 2tb 1 4tb

Buying new is safer but more expensive obvs, used wise generally don't want to go over 3-5 years

Personally i just buy a shit ton of used HD's decommissioned from servers ( they are often barely used ) for dirtcheap, probably 1/5 die within a year but i just make double/quadrupel backups, real data horder hours

I love how bees will go into every flower on a plant, so careful not to miss any

The Internet treats nuance as damage and routes around it

@oya is that when gay people go to an island and found a gay nation there?

Upset about the climate crisis? Here are ten actions you can tale today! 

1. Meat and dairy are major emitters. Cut back on animal products in your diet.

2. Write to your MP / MEP asking for legislative action!

3. Ask your union rep for your union to call on your workplace to become carbon neutral!

4. If SUVs were a country, they'd be the 12th largest emitter! 🙀​ Slash their tyres.

5. Glue yourself to motorway to demand decent living standards including insulated homes.

6. Billionaires with private jets are major emitters! Help your friends to build some guillotines and put them to use!

7. Hold parliament to account by having a communist revolution and removing them from power. Permanently.

8. Use the power of the new people's Soviets to build green power infrastructure and homes fit for living.

9. Spread the revolution to liberate comrades abroad.

10. Use rotating leadership structures to ensure that the new power structures remain accountable to people and the planet.

🕹️ Title: PokeMMO
🦊️ What's: A libre MMORPG & emulator, using the ROMs of the 3rd gen Pokémon RPG to create a Pokémon MMORPG
🔖 #Linux #Game #RPG #MMO #Pokémon #Libre #Commercial #Bin #Deb #RPM #Arch #Snap
📖 Our entry:

🗃️ We have improved its entry in our game database


all members of the US Republican party look exactly the same

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