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In order to be an anti imperialist, you have to actually oppose all imperialism, all capitalism, not side with one imperialist bloc over another, Lenin was explicit on this point, as well as literally any other socialist one can name.

Shilling for Putin, or Xi, or whoever just makes you an imperialist stooge and an obstacle to genuine international solidarity

Pinned post sysop contact / pgp key admin contact info & pgp key

email or xmmp for password reset's and general help and discussion

You can also reach me on mastodon:

I suggest saving this as txt file if you are a regular user.

Here's my public PGP key . . .

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I feel bad for peep that come 2 fedi make these heart felt posts and get literally 0 interaction, no stars, no reshares, no follows, eventuallyl they just leave. and thats on us, Fedi doesn't have an algorithm to ink people with their interests, and the way federation functions it can easily over represent certain people ( like anime spammers ) while giving others 0 reach

so keep that in mind don't be stingy with likes and reshares, and manually check in on your follow(er) list once in awhile

kiwiirc web based irc client is pretty damn cool, i would like to integrate into my boards front in so users can open up a chat bubble while browsing the board is a pretty cool service linking twitter to fedi, if only they converted the twitter links to nitter links

should be standard practice at this point to convert twitter to nitter, youtube to invidious etc. it's trivial to write a snippet of code that does that

rant, media, cultural industry 

In general I see this process as evil and alienating, is as if the only cultural canon or reference that counted was cultural industry, and any and all art that we spontaneously create has to "speak to" cultural industry, has it's canons as THE only posible canons.

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If you want people to install your keylogger, you have to give it a name that makes it sound friendly and unthreatening. Like “Grammarly”

disqordia forums r good 

cool things about discourse is it's got a mobile app so you can be involved in multiple forums via the same app, you don't need to do 'federation'

just eat the bugs and stfu 

i really don't get why the bug meat is like, the final straw for them, they don't care about the water being undrinkable or air unbreathable or planet being literally too hot to sustain human life, but then insect meat being commercially available is the last sign of the apocalypse

lost alts 

have you seen my alts? I have lost all of them, now are the weird dissociative times


what if there's only 1 single conciousness and every living thing is just the same being who at a different path in reincarnation

trotkyites ( a joke by stalinist yakov smirnov ) 

can't live with em...
. . .
(canned applause)

serial experiments lain as an origins 

i'd imagine she'd be so powerful she could just personally message any person, like any world leader putin, xi, bashar, she can effectively speak any language, but then shit like, spams shinchan memes at shinzo abe as the crucial moment to help the assasin

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serial experiments lain as an origins 

cyber attacked bashar assad, helped snowden escape, ddosed kiwarms/infowars/8chan, right now she's building a massive botnet that will be able to do a 51% where she's faced with the choice of either being world dictator or destroying global capitalism and liberating the world.

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serial experiments lain as an origins 

if lain took place at present timeline of release, then she's around 30 years old now, has a long ass rapsheet, was involved in arab spring, occupy, wikileaks, battled cia russian and chinese hackers and played them against each other,

christianity fucks people up 

i am not a nu atheist, in some ways i'm pantheist/animist and I'm not against any religion: Christianity, islam, hinduism and the rest. all have their issues but they are epositories of melenia of wisdom and poetry

I am however anti-clerical: against the institution of clergy, or at least opposed to clergy having any political or economic power outside the realm of ideas

That being said evangelicalism is evil: literally antichrist, it must be destroyed,

'voter fraud' 

the reality is the republican party is a minority party, they only win elections through voter purges, jerry mandering, low turnout, etc. so they have to work out to make sure votes don't get counted in order for them to stay in power, as their base is old, and white. They are dying in more ways than one so we're seeing this psychotic thrashing around, accusing everyone else of voter fraud while they transparently try to steal the election

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wingcuck fighting 'voter fraud' 

that's what these dipshits want is for the cops to holding AR's, standing over people's shoulders while they vote to prevent 'voter fraud' meanwhile expecting everyone to carry like 8 forms of ID and say a tung twister and field sobriety test before you can vote

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wingcuck fighting 'voter fraud' 

the grassroots struggle against voter cops continues. first this man spoke to 'several sheriff's and members of law enforcement' to ask what they're doing about voter fraud. begs the question: if he knows so many cops or does he just walk or drive up on parked cop cars> is he constantly calling the cops OR being detained for petty crimes?

No dipstick it's called poll watching, something the police should never be asked to do as it would be intimidating to voters

Leaders' "powers are composed of the naked self-alienation which constitutes a popular submission that must be continually implicitly encouraged at the same time that it is explicitly ignored and covered-up."



One of my current pipe dreams is to start up a cooperatively owned cafe that does computer and cellphone repairs (and helps people install free OSes on their old machines).

sysop notes 

did a bit of work on

it still looks like garbage imo but at least i got the Tor header thing to work so it auto redirects tor users to the onion

pedo spam still a thing, but so goes the territory, just have to keep deleting that

email confirmations despite fucking around with sendmail, I'm going to just do a fresh install of newest version

It seems i have no other choice but to fork the entire front-end and write the features i want myself, fun but tedious

My 9-11 hot take 

The Bush administration were warned repeatedly by the CIA and other intelligence agencies of an impending attack by Al Qaeda from their first day in office.

It's well documented they repeatedly ignored it and did nothing. The core of the bush admin in 98 published plans to invade iraq and how they needed a 'pearl harbor type incident' to make it happen: see project for a new American century

It's not so much that "Bush did 9-11" as much as Bush & co let it happen

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