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Reminder to everyone interested in there is a Matrix channel full of people that needs some activity specially on ROL players, music lovers. privacy, crypto, cypherpunks,hackers, etc you can join at :hacker: :crt_w_green_lines:

Whant to listen to culture music with out touching youtube and with out advertisements subscribe to the cyberpunk channel new music and the best etc

someone wants to help me finish my exploitation 101 markdown page is there the linux/32 part almost done it still needs the windows part, I plan to finish the linux 64 bit soon but a push doing the windows part will save a lot of time since I do not have much of that lately but I do want to show people how to do exploitation and hacking with only OPEN/Libre tools. let me know in DM if interested

El video que hemos puesto hoy en nuestro mozilla hubs - Projekt (A) - [Espa帽ol] :ancom: :anarchiststar: The video we have shown tonight on our Mozilla hubs space in English here: It re-entered the atmosphere at 3.24am UK time, with the bulk of its components destroyed at that point, according to Chinese state media.

The point of impact was somewhere southwest of India and Sri Lanka, they added.

How many people is up all night monitoring the .... is worse than a fedex package

hemos creado un v铆deo en ayuda a nuestros compas en Colombia luchando al gobierno pro-USA y corrupto :molotov: :anarchiststar:

fixed the issue with gemini:// not showing on some gemini browsers please try it and let me know.. NOTE: you will get a "new cert" bla bla bla you can accept since the cert is new.

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