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Rek2 just owned root on Blunder ! a través de @hackthebox_eu

Happy Friday! HaPPY HACKING! Happy resistance! happy distributed internet! <3

did this on my coffee break, rek2 just owned user on Buff ! a través de @hackthebox_eu this could be used to get DM or other kind of matrix alerts/msg's on the sway/i3 status bar.... I will hack on it Sunday

This is how I feel as an anarchist studding politics and social behavior and reading others than has done same over hundreds of years when I hear this crazy conspiracy theorists.

Fun with the theme, Skype audio tweaks, listener feedback on HOPE 2020, the great Twitter hack of 2020, state sponsored hackers targeting vaccine research.

Happy Friday! reminder we now have two places we upload our anarchist hacker videos
you all know about but we are also on to keep in touch in mastodon subscribe to this account this will keep you updated on new videos uploaded etc.

@HappyWizard yeah if you like CLI/TUI and tiling window managers you love TUT I been using it for some time but it got stable/usable this last 2-3 weeks.

Got in love with TUT the best mastodon client I found and SUPER fast since is wrote in GO. <3

good morning/Buenos dias! back to normal-covid19 live after 9 days of conference with my compas from and on the hackers village :crt_w_prompt: :crt_w_green_lines: :hacker: :gnu: :ancom:

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