odysee.com/@Hackernol:7?r=Ewf5 <--- make sure you click on the new "alarm" button next to "following" in our channel so you get a notice when we go live or upload new videos! :ancom: :crt_w_green_lines: :gnu: :antifa:

ok is done... all my systems are using opendoas instead of sudo, another goal check. :bondrewd_parrot:

Nuevo show!! llamado troll-fluencers dentro de poco!

Want to double the Linux laptop battery live, install auto-cpufreq-git my old lenovo went from 2 hours to 4 hours! and is 5 years old... paru -S auto-cpufreq-git

Haciendo un "paru -S obs-estudio-git" en mi portátil para poder hace cortos en vivo sobre noticias de la cultura hacker desde fuera de mi casa, que ahora es casi verano y molaaa.

Please, support this initiative! Open letter calling for a global ban on biometric recognition technologies that enable mass and discriminatory surveillance accessnow.org/ban-biometric-su social.bau-ha.us/@CCC/10637032

Hackerñol 00100101 - episodio 38 Alegría Alegría nos hemos desvirgado del LIVE!! en vivo y en directo! odysee.com/@Hackernol:7/Hacker

@adam @ana ok so I created myself an account on matrix.org to troubleshoot, and I figure out the issue.. the channel listed on their directory is "wrong" is from 5 years a go and the ID is different. matrix does not understand names. only humans.. so this is why it says non-existend. I kind of started to think it was this when invite did work for @ana so I now listed the new one.. I have to figure a way to delist the old one.. but matrix.org is not my domain.. but check the screenshot

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