join us tonight! for the 2600 meetup and my Birth Day party! We doing it again, the 2600 collective with hispagatos is doing a VR meetup on mozilla hubs, mozilla hubs is a open and libre platform. see you there!

ALPHA of our hacker/cyberpunk/privacy store, this is to help produce more hacker ethics activism, fight surveillance capitalism in Hispanic/Latin countries and create, sustain our current services and hacker shows, our book and more.. note that most of the stuff are placeholders, only a few designs we made are for the occasion and new will come up this weekend related to hacker culture/cyberpunk/Privacy

fuck zapcon, OWASP is fake promoting closed source, how hypocrites instead of using matrix like HOPE and other hacker/open conferences. I unsubscribed as a member. no more fuck is worse than fake Linux foundation...other hypocrites. hacking ethics = decentralize, information wants to be "free" free as in freedom you morons!

Para los que han preguntado sobre las horas mira el panfleto en ingles que estamos pasando por la red la fediverse. o preguntarme :) <3 #2600

Este viernes coincidimos con la reunion mundial de la revista zine hacker 2600 y el programa de radio de hacking en, off the hook, donde? en nuestro barrio virtual, ojo que hemos cambiado de habitación de mozilla hubs para poder acomodas a gente con ordenadores menos potentes.
aquí va la nueva dirección:

Os esperamos a tod@s

Come start your March out right by hanging with your fellow at the upcoming starting with the monthly 2600 world wide meetup on the first Friday of the month & on the first Saturday ^_^

Take note of the new VR room link which is a lighter resource room, as some had issues last month ^_^

punk rock is old... welcoem to the new anti capitalist anti survillance counter coulture - cyberpunk -

What is Mutual aid -
Ques es la ayuda mutua - English with Spanish subtitles, en Ingles pero con subtitulo en Castellano

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