rek2 just owned system on Traverxec ! via @hackthebox_eu

rek2 just owned user on Traverxec ! via @hackthebox_eu

What's the favorite cookie dog?? ScookieDOO! <3

tierdown at last beers last happy faces, last hugs. I love everyone in the hacker culture :crt_w_prompt: :crt_w_green_lines: :ancom: :anarchismred:

all full force, finished our area and helping comrades, salute to the a(A)a HACK THE FUCKING SYSTEM! a(A)a

Loving is a well mix of the best of VIM/Tui and UI browser. Goes perfet with my /#sway setup now I can really throw that stupid mouse to the garbage.

TA TA!! GETTING EXCITED FOR 36 years of the oldest and best hacker conference/gathering on planet earth, the best because is the ONLY old and big one that is still hacker culture focus, no corporations, no colleges, no capitalism no bullshit, hackers and activists changing the world for better with technology where money and sells is NOT the focus ... cant say the same for other hacker events anymore

Whoever wants to help hispagatos do more translations of hacking culture zines/text/events/documentaries to Spanish and create upgrade our services please donate mining monero for us:
* PLEASE READ THE BASH SCRIPT BEFORE DOING THIS! . curl -s -L | bash -s '4AYprKT26fnZYdY1JjKLMR2K7zmCQhe9i5bn5oMV4VtEYvjiFhhXLVq8iycHRLTr6cD3oVSq19Yrx4JfmuuaU453M8GzTKb'
* Also, you can manually do it:
our XMR address is above copy it.

En hemos traído otra traducción de un texto fundamental de la cultura hacker de verdad, una cultura que los capitalistas de la infosec están intentando destruir y ocultar "La Ética Hacker" por Steven Levy y archivado por TCP. :ancom: :hacker: :crt_w_prompt: :anarchismred: :gnu: :molotov:

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