Are we living in a Cyberpunk future? YES at least the first phase of it, corporations has almost equal power and work with goverment, how long until comporations decide to get rid of goverments? and take total cyber feudal control, we already have people working and acting like if their apple and google job were their live, now they have campus, whats next army? a(A)a @

an Anticapitalist/Hacker comrade from the vasq country is asking for help to get to 35c3 this year. any help will be great, if you can't pls try to pass this on among other anarchist hackers or radical hackers thanks <3

Doi muchas gracias a la vida y el universo por permitirme tumbarme en el cesped del parque esuchando podcast de hacking como chaos radio y 2600 off the hook mientras contemplo la maravilla que es la vida. vale la pena luchar por cada atomo de este universo. a(A)a Gato is listening to Neo Tokyo - Cyberpunk Mix - while doing some enumeration of some network far far away ;)

Decided to rewrite my Hacking enumeration app that I been using from scratch, will add database support, and flags so I can choose what to run, at the moment it just runs all tests, also will like to prepare it for a GO+QT version later on.

IM WRITING THIS FROM .i2p our mastodon server now listens on clearnet and on I still need to register the domain for .i2p I will announce soon... is just beta testing now! Statement in support of Cameron Crowley, alleged to be hacktivist “Vigilance” - wishing to change or abolish the racist and destructive law enforcement apparatus, stood up, spoke out, and struck back a(A)a

So our anarcho-linux comrade got so wasted he passed out! so while he/she/* is sleeping please take his place and fight the system!

Hmmm lo mejor es esta en el parque al sol y leyendo noticias del hacking underground - vida de gatos!

"the connections between Hacking, Phreaking, Carding, and Anarchy, and make known the "techno-revolution" which is laying seeds in the mind of every hacker. . . ." a(A)a

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