After doing all the insane boxes this one was walk in the park like "literaly" did it in less than 30m - Backdoor has been Pwned!-

Have a ... wonderful, wonderful live! .... <broken glass sound> WAKE UP, WAKE UP!, now, real democracy now, save the planet hack the planet! <broken glass sound> Wonderful, wonderful live! .... :blobthinkingcool:

Buenas noches compas :crt_w_green_lines: :crt_w_prompt: me voy antes de que salga el sol que ya son casi las 6:30 hora de acostarme

Hackers, usar la creatividad para llegar a sitios donde la lógica no te dejaria,

PHRACK 70 HA SALIDO!! ¡Después de 5 anios!!! legendario e-zine de hacking que empezó en los 80's y la mejor de hacking que aun existe siguiéndole 2600

Come start your March out right by hanging with your fellow at the upcoming starting with the monthly 2600 world wide meetup on the first Friday of the month & on the first Saturday ^_^

Take note of the new VR room link which is a lighter resource room, as some had issues last month ^_^

TA TA!! GETTING EXCITED FOR 36 years of the oldest and best hacker conference/gathering on planet earth, the best because is the ONLY old and big one that is still hacker culture focus, no corporations, no colleges, no capitalism no bullshit, hackers and activists changing the world for better with technology where money and sells is NOT the focus ... cant say the same for other hacker events anymore The documentary begins with a number of interviews attempting to discover meanings of words 'hack' and 'hacking'. From these interviews we begin to see that hacking has *less to do* with computer security or technology in general; instead it is a philosophy, a way of life, a creative realization of ideas. A hack is an elegant approach to a tricky problem @merce @PerroMalo @MegageM

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