TA TA!! GETTING EXCITED FOR 36 years of the oldest and best hacker conference/gathering on planet earth, the best because is the ONLY old and big one that is still hacker culture focus, no corporations, no colleges, no capitalism no bullshit, hackers and activists changing the world for better with technology where money and sells is NOT the focus ... cant say the same for other hacker events anymore

open.tube/videos/watch/caa3da7 The documentary begins with a number of interviews attempting to discover meanings of words 'hack' and 'hacking'. From these interviews we begin to see that hacking has *less to do* with computer security or technology in general; instead it is a philosophy, a way of life, a creative realization of ideas. A hack is an elegant approach to a tricky problem @merce @PerroMalo @MegageM

El mejor podcast de hacking en español después de hackernol claro je je [21] HACKBACK de El Desarmador
player.fm/1tMMmT?t=16 entrevista a anarchisttichist hacker fineas Fisher

youtube.com/watch?v=RqxcRB1Z-v Are we living in a Cyberpunk future? YES at least the first phase of it, corporations has almost equal power and work with goverment, how long until comporations decide to get rid of goverments? and take total cyber feudal control, we already have people working and acting like if their apple and google job were their live, now they have campus, whats next army? a(A)a @

Notice the Proud Boys and American Guard have such a close relationship. This is the work of Kyle Chapman aka "Based Stickman," who started FOAK with Augustus Invictus last year. FOAK was meant to be a "militia division" of the Proud Boys. thedailybeast.com/right-wing-m Right-Wing Militia Groups Pledge to Meet at Kaitlin Bennett’s Kent State Gun Rally

BlackBLoc and HackBloc against capitalists propaganda! youtube.com/watch?v=cy1eRCYS08 two radical actions to snap people out of their fantasy lies that is the capitalist system, humans share! humans are tribal, humans are NOT what they have told you, we not greedy by nature.. they made you greedy after centuries of totalitarian regimes and wars.

NoiseBridge founder have left, old school hacker, Mitch Altman will no longer be part of Noisebridge :( cryptpad.fr/pad/#/2/pad/view/i We will miss you!! hope to still see you at the real hacker conferences!! a(A)a @merce @adonis28850 @kopek @MegageM @thegibson @bigMouthCommie

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