We had last night our first 2600 meeting in Madrid in 20 years, it was only a few of us, but we were there between 5 and 8 pm.
we had tons of fun talking in person about hacking culture and today's world. For more info: mobilizon.public.cat/@2600_mad #2600

Today @NerdRat told me about Nyxt browser, I did some research and saw a video on peertube and I am in ~LOVE~ O_O nyxt.atlas.engineer/ will try it and hack on it for a couple weeks and report back.

RISC-V: The Open Era of Computing - yewtu.be/watch?v=Hl3nXexMXS0 I got mine in today! 2 days before scheluled. can't wait to start porting my software I been writing for 5-10 years and help others do the same. First thing is to install or , it comes with -5

A statement from the hackers, , was sent to and can be read here: t.co/Vgf2NBHd8Q A video of the hack was also sent to Enlace Hacktivista and can be seen here: t.co/xciHUzvo3f#hacktivismo enlacehacktivista.org/comunica

Happy HackingHolidays everyone <3 💻️ 🏴‍☠️ I hope your family and friends are doing good and well, let's make 2022 a year when we advance hacker culture and hacker ethics, and bring new people to this wonderful community now going on for more than 40 years. happy hacking! @merce @thegibson @TheDoctor @hackerfantastic @x3r0x @HackerRadioShow @surveillancepod @ghostdancer big thanks 2 Steven Levy for wonderful study on hackers heroes of the computer revolution

Alguien se tomo el tiempo desde Bolivia para traducir un libro de ZAP al castellano, la alegría que me ha dado es enorme! es un poco desfasado ya como poco tiene 2-3 anios así que ZAP ha cambiado mucho pero las bases son las mismas lo recomiendo y ya dejen el BURP ese abusivo, comercial y principalmente lo que esta en contra de la forma de vida hacker "cerrado" apoyemos el software libre/abierto y a sus creadores el hacking tiene ética y moral. snifer.gitbooks.io/owasp-zed-a

PHRACK 70 HA SALIDO!! ¡Después de 5 anios!!! phrack.org/issues/70/1.html legendario e-zine de hacking que empezó en los 80's y la mejor de hacking que aun existe siguiéndole 2600

Almost done with a gemini protocol directory and file finder for recon and enumeration, aims to be what dirBuster was for HTTP but for
here is a small example:
./gemBuster -url gemini://hispagatos.org -extensions .gmi
found! - gemini://hispagatos.org/index. status Success

cyberpunk documentary - only documentary really good, not part of some stupid game, retarded movie or corporate interest. from 1992 but still revelant today to understand hacker culture odysee.com/@Hackernol:7/Cyberp

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