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cyberpunk documentary - only documentary really good, not part of some stupid game, retarded movie or corporate interest. from 1992 but still revelant today to understand hacker culture

Come start your March out right by hanging with your fellow at the upcoming starting with the monthly 2600 world wide meetup on the first Friday of the month & on the first Saturday ^_^

Take note of the new VR room link which is a lighter resource room, as some had issues last month ^_^

Bombadillo is a Gemini/Gopher client designed to run in a terminal. It also uses keybindings that are familiar to Vi/Vim users.paru -S bombadillo #:g

We working on a flyer for the first WORLD WIDE 2600 online meetups that will start every first Friday of the Month online! to participate join the after hope matrix channel it was at first decided to do it on our mozilla hubs

Book: "Permanent Record" Edward snowden chapter 24 encrypt "Anarchist hackers and crypto hackers" influenced me politcally.... :ancom: :hacker: :crt_w_prompt: is a fun book to read and see how he lives a live confronted from his morals and his country, and how as progresses he becomes more awoken and in the need to do something about the injustuces.

join us on lemmy! <3 there are many interesting forums, we have the c/anarcho_hackers c/hackbloc c/hispagatos c/hackthebox and in Matrix we also have :ancom: :hacker: :crt_w_prompt: :crt_w_green_lines: :antifa:

Happy Friday! reminder we now have two places we upload our anarchist hacker videos
you all know about but we are also on to keep in touch in mastodon subscribe to this account this will keep you updated on new videos uploaded etc.

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