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The hacker digest - Volume 37 is OUT! so excited! <3 :crt_w_prompt: :crt_w_green_lines: :hacker: :anarchiststar: #2600

subscribe to the HOPE2020 hacker conference peertube channel using: or watch videos @ notice @ryen is still uploading videos! thanks to for making possible to avoid YouTube to share our favorite videos!

ALPHA of our hacker/cyberpunk/privacy store, this is to help produce more hacker ethics activism, fight surveillance capitalism in Hispanic/Latin countries and create, sustain our current services and hacker shows, our book and more.. note that most of the stuff are placeholders, only a few designs we made are for the occasion and new will come up this weekend related to hacker culture/cyberpunk/Privacy

Come start your March out right by hanging with your fellow at the upcoming starting with the monthly 2600 world wide meetup on the first Friday of the month & on the first Saturday ^_^

Take note of the new VR room link which is a lighter resource room, as some had issues last month ^_^

front line assembly old school cyberpunk/industrial/dark techno band from when I was a kid

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