We had last night our first 2600 meeting in Madrid in 20 years, it was only a few of us, but we were there between 5 and 8 pm.
we had tons of fun talking in person about hacking culture and today's world. For more info: mobilizon.public.cat/@2600_mad #2600

Esta noche fiesta en el barrio virtual para el evento hacker de 2600 HOPE hubs.mozilla.com/zWXK8U6/hope2 Esta noche cuando somos mas despues de la 1am CEST como siempre vivimos de noche #2600

Hoy me puse a documentar en castellano como configurar la libreta de direcciones de Protonmail con el cliente de email **aerc** y bueno poco a poco fui metiendole mas cosas, aunque aun falta man.sr.ht/~rek2/Hispagatos-wik

"Please, specially in our hispagatos node, DO NOT POST LINKS TO EVIL/MALWARE sites like facebook,instagram, twitter, reddit etc... use alternatives or alternative front-ends like invidious, nitter etc fedilab.app/wiki/untrackme/#re nitter.net/ search duckduck go for "alternative front-ends" "privacy friendly" Thanks you! "friends do not poison friends with evil links so a third party can take advantage of them"

Writeup maquina muy-facil | Easy box | **spoilers** do not open unless you want to learn how I did it, but do not copy| HTB: Timelapse | man.sr.ht/~rek2/Hispagatos-wik

Hemos decidido crear un canal publico y sin cifrado para gente y amig@s que les gusta nuestro proyecto de y les gusta estar y charlar con gente similar sin tener que ser un "activista de la privacidad" y de la "cultura hacker", o representar a por lo que es mas de relax y dejamos nuestro canal en privado, cifrado y solo para miembros activos de , la sala se llama :hispagatos.org

Catch has been Pwned! hackthebox.com/achievement/mac Was not able to sleep, so decided to dedicate 1-2 hours to do this machine. I had a lots of fun doing it, writeup comming soon in Spanish in our wiki.

good video brings up what hispagatos is been saying HACKERS DO NOT ENGANGE IN SIDES, SPECIALLY ANARCHIST HACKERS should know better by history, SHOULD NOT SIDE WITH ANY FASCIST GOVERMENT by listening to propaganda from ANY SIDE and attacking private sites is bad only hurts working class people odysee.com/@AlphaNerd:8/popula you want to make a change? keep the internet free/open and transparent and hack on code so goverments CAN NOT silence people no matter from where @merce @AlbertoQ

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