ALPHA of our hacker/cyberpunk/privacy store, this is to help produce more hacker ethics activism, fight surveillance capitalism in Hispanic/Latin countries and create, sustain our current services and hacker shows, our book and more.. note that most of the stuff are placeholders, only a few designs we made are for the occasion and new will come up this weekend related to hacker culture/cyberpunk/Privacy

Come start your March out right by hanging with your fellow at the upcoming starting with the monthly 2600 world wide meetup on the first Friday of the month & on the first Saturday ^_^

Take note of the new VR room link which is a lighter resource room, as some had issues last month ^_^

front line assembly old school cyberpunk/industrial/dark techno band from when I was a kid

We working on a flyer for the first WORLD WIDE 2600 online meetups that will start every first Friday of the Month online! to participate join the after hope matrix channel it was at first decided to do it on our mozilla hubs

We're living under an attempted coup, pen testing democracy, imbalance of power, how technology is fueling tribalism, new covid restrictions in NYC, Patrick Ryan - technical program manager at TikTok - joins the panel to discuss the TikTok employee lawsuit against President Trump. #2600 on odysee

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