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Education For Obedience - this video is not attacking the idea of education itself, nor is it blaming teachers for what the system requires them to do. It is criticising the *format* of education, state or private, in a state-capitalist society. I do not reject the idea that education ought to be provided for people according to need. Education can cultivate reason, independent thought, and creativity within a decent environment - just not a capitalist one!

"the connections between Hacking, Phreaking, Carding, and Anarchy, and make known the "techno-revolution" which is laying seeds in the mind of every hacker. . . ." a(A)a

rendering our anarchist hacker :crt_w_prompt: show! this will be our 16th show in now more than 2 years of interviews, hacker activism, conferences, underground, freedom fighting and hacking the system reports! all in Spanish for our Latin/Hispanic underground community of a(A)a :party_parrot: :awesome_rotate: :hacker: :blackcat: :antifa: glad to see real hacker conferences(not infosec) popping up again around the world were skills is nothing with out heart and rebel hungry to change things around them, not just change tech. a hacker is a hacker in every environment not just in a room

You do NOT need to be an Anarchist nor a Hacker to belive and use descentralized forms of living and communication, for having and opinion and giving support to front line anarchist and hackers doing the durty work, but you can do the most important work.. the work of words and talk, prob the most important part of the struggle a(A)a talk to your friends! the horizontal, decentralized values are important for our future. a(A)a

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