Education For Obedience - this video is not attacking the idea of education itself, nor is it blaming teachers for what the system requires them to do. It is criticising the *format* of education, state or private, in a state-capitalist society. I do not reject the idea that education ought to be provided for people according to need. Education can cultivate reason, independent thought, and creativity within a decent environment - just not a capitalist one!

Editing the new hackernol our hacker culture show for the hispanic/latin anarchist-hacker community

Notice the Proud Boys and American Guard have such a close relationship. This is the work of Kyle Chapman aka "Based Stickman," who started FOAK with Augustus Invictus last year. FOAK was meant to be a "militia division" of the Proud Boys. Right-Wing Militia Groups Pledge to Meet at Kaitlin Bennett’s Kent State Gun Rally

NoiseBridge founder have left, old school hacker, Mitch Altman will no longer be part of Noisebridge :( We will miss you!! hope to still see you at the real hacker conferences!! a(A)a @merce @adonis28850 @kopek @MegageM @thegibson @bigMouthCommie <-- Documental nuevo del hip hop radical revolucionario(real hip hop) y de la mierda del hip hop comercial de hoy. salen entrevistas con escritores y MC's de aqui que van con nosotros y siguen la lucha original. a(A)a

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