Hoy vi por mi sorpresa por fin un libro de verdad de la cultura hacker en una libreria al lado de toda la mierda sobre la mentira del hacking etico y sombrero blanco y todas esas gilipolladas inventadas por los militares y luego aceptados erroneamente en el mundo de la (info$$$ec), tengo el original en Ingles pero quiero leer si es como es tipico en Iberia han cambiado al traducir lo que les interesa, pasa es muchos libros de hacking.

@rek2 I've read it. It's good with some nice ideas discussed. It's basically the transcription of a discussion between Assange, Jacob Appelbaum, Andy Müller-Maguhn and Jérémie Zimmermann @jz
You can also watch the show on video. Just search for The Julian Assange Show Cypherpunks. There's an edited version and a longer unedited one. I recommend the unedited version.

@madcap @jz yeah i already had It in english, got It to compare, because many times spanish translatords tent to censor or modify parts

@madcap @jz that sounds to offensive for the diff regions here that do not consider themself from Spain but from a latín or mediterránean origen
Long story

@rek2 I think that was related to the other thread, right? (and sorry, didn't mean to offend...)

@madcap lol no, is hard to type from the phone, im out drinking but when i toot i avoid saying a national state i am been politically correct to local movements.

@rek2 Can you recommend me some good books / audiobooks on this man - maybe even films too?

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