Mega redflag!!!!
Some warnings : (non exhaustive)

Zero, many women were working on this track before, including openPMA and openHormone and open pregnancy planning and open non-violent gynecology so on and so forth. I mean : biohackers women and LGBTQIA+ people. It's still on the bench and collaboration with 'academics' too.

First, It's a white men. He doesn't mentioned any references, even previous mentioned pioneers. Nowhere! And he's alone : med and science and healthcare and care are definitively not selfish action.

The design is like LSD paper… well, if you really want to take attention into healthcare and people real life you absolutely do not design something with frame and shapes coming from ableism and virilism standpoint.

Third, have a look into other project From this website / guy. And rethink twice around previous points above.

Fourth, This card is just a fucking shitty qrcode to a PDF with random advice and large amount of cis male libertarian bullshit and too many risks, healthcare and life threatening ones, hidden in this charlatanism.

Nothing to do here with diy / medecin / biohacking / hacking. Just ego and charlatanism. Like other Trumpists who are threatening human rights @rek2 - 1/2

and targeting women in this specific case.

Real hacking: turning off this bullshit, helping people to develop by themselves strategies and retaking techniques in a way to avoid this dangerous libertarian branding / marketing. And shutting down media coverage on charlatans.

Real biohacking: providing resources and offering knowledge to people making them able to develop and defend peer to peer healthcare program & scientific grassroots power by people for people.

@rek2 @parleur - 2/2

@XavCC Ha tiens, je réservais la lecture de l’article à demain soir, et je m’étais limité à trois lignes prises au hasard.

Il m’avait bien semblé sentir un petit fond libertarien, mais sans en être bien convaincu.

Merci de la lecture et des commentaires.

Hi, I'm not a biohacker, and I share some of your suspicions, but I have some points regarding your critique:

I see an anarchist background here, but not a libertarian background? They are an anarchist collective and against the supreme court, yes. But they are not right-wing as far as I can tell?

(yes, the notion "libertarian" was used by anarchists decades before right-wing nuts started to use it. But surely that's not what you mean?)

@rek2 @parleur

@XavCC and yes, the LSD design is weird, but in watch.breadtube.tv/w/7BQ4T5JsS they proposed a pill design - and pressing pills seems a lot more complicated than using a card. So it's rather to make it easier if I understand this correctly?

@rek2 @parleur

A pleasant discussion is happening here. Thank you Compl4xx.

Just around your first asking (then I will run into second point)

Laufer, the man behind this project, is directly on a very common approach / or compatible way / with other selfish northern American boys claiming 'anarchism' (Like Joshua Zayner & George Church)

There are roots and seeds right here for libertarian way of doing and some maybe seductive attractive points (like undertaking / vow to build a "better world" **but** within strong individual frame and some tastes of "Only for those most able to adapt" ~ not so far from E.Musk transhumanism (and yeah, some other transhumanisms approach exist in opposite political sides in front of E.Musk)).

Here is one of the philosophical and political shape where libertarians & right—wings can find opportunities or compliance to gather and walk on a same road.

Finally, if I stay only in the technique and here a certain form of science, I try to always look at important axes: context and criteria of the "discovery" & context and criteria of the justification

Does my toot help in this discussion?

@rek2 @parleur

@rek2 DIY medicine can be dangerous and it's not a workaround for governments denying basic human rights that must be fought until these rights are granted. The access to legal and safe services of reproductive healthcare is a universal human right which must be claimed and defended.

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