alt.anonymous another very active group, the more I use it the more time I spend on it everyday.

Yap is getting very popular between hackers,DIY, super technical people and people who are tired of the corporate internet for most part now is attracking people who likes the internet how it was before the external world came in. I usually get bored on http forums but on usenet I get that hacker spirit of sharing and hardcore knowladge and willing to learn I only get on hacker events. @noticias

@noticias @rek2 quite a handful of active and spam-free newsgroups to join; most, if not all of them, is tech-related though (either on alt.* or on comp.*).

There are other private servers to join though. See for example tildeverse's at I've recently begun to self-host my private NNTP server at (port 119). Everyone is welcome to join the discussion.

well I found so far around 16 active groups I participate, mostly all related to privacy/hacking some like gemini(new one) and the C one is the most active C forum in the whole internet, even more than reddit(not that I use reddit anymore). Anyways can I list your public servers on my small usetnet tips wiki page? let me know what info I can post and a URL. happy hacking

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