There was a time long time a go when I was kid… and I dreamed about having a computer.. And that's ALL I wanted A fucking computer and all I got was a fucking commore 64, had to basic it all, since that time to today im still a child in my brain where did the time go? I have no idea and no matter how much I hack, I still can't hack time.

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@rek2 It could be worse. You coulda gotten a VIC-20 like I did!

@Ricardus @rek2 i wasted so much time of my life before i discovered a programming language i liked.

i wish i had had a commodore 64, i was born too late. i had a C64 BASIC book, but all i had was MS-QBASIC, and the code didn’t translate.

but i gave up on programming after that, and only dabbled a bit. i mostly worked on electronic hardware. fast forward like… 15 years and i discover i actually love software, as well as hardware.

@vidak @Ricardus I won't say that. I think you are lucky, you guys have books, and generations of us that have made man pages and other manuals, we had to investigate everything and share only on BBS's, for us ezines where a precious thing, now a days you can compile and decompile on many architectures and have tools like radare2 to do things we had to do manually

@rek2 @Ricardus yeah, i’d agree with that.

i wish i had lived in your times, though

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