has anyone tried Jami? seems more private/anonymous and also e2ee with video/conference etc than signal... why is not mention more? there must be a down side? or just people dont know about it?

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@rek2 when I looked at it some years ago it was SIP-based, meaning you needed a SIP server to use it. Now it indeed seems to be way more p2p, which is great news.

@rek2 I tried it... Nowhere near as user friendly as jitsi or even mumble

@rek2 I tired it but couldn’t get it to work, like I’d 2 phones & tried to chat & it didn’t work for me

@rek2 I tried it & liked it a year or two ago. Worked pretty well, but my issue was battery drain (on the f-droid version). I hear that this has improved recently, though.

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