ZOOM is BAD/EVIL and closed Try one of these: Tox (qtox): Jitsi: Ekiga: and fuck discord is just as bad.

@rek2 as terrible pre-judger i assuming you guys have this "knowing about zoom" thing down..

@rek2 I found whereby to have the best privacy policy if you don't want to host your own jitsi instance

@rek2 you left out #Jami, which has a much more consistent #UX across platforms than #Tox (eg none of the Tox mobile apps I've tried support group chat). You also left out #BigBlueButton, which I keep hearing is much less of a resource hog on the server-side than #JitsiMeet, and I can confirm JM is a massive resource hog on the client-side. I haven't used #Discord but I've heard #Riot (#Matrix client) is a pretty good substitute?

I've tried all those before choosing a solution for the SME for which I work, and zoom was the only one providing the stability and quality needed and by far (and I'm a really in favour of open source solution).
It was two years ago. I don't know what is the state of things today

Uh tox is still alive? Somehow lost track years ago when all the drama happened and no development in quite a while... Is it stable by now?

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