BUAH! no puedo esperar! por fin! OBI WAN KENOVI! proximamente en un torrente cerca de ti! :) yewtu.be/watch?v=Bcro5ThWO9U

Otra pieza de software para quitarme completamente de navegadores con javascript de mierda y trackers asquerosos, os presento fast-lbry-terminal notabug.org/jyamihud/FastLBRY- va de puta madre abre los videos en mpv, los markdown en mi vim etc etc y se puede votar,comentar, ves tus canales vamos todo lo que se puede hacer en la version web. -lbry-terminal

Me encanta SWGEmu juego que tiene 20 anios pero es puro sandbox MMORPG con pvp mundo abierto, que la comunidad ha creado el server y el cliente nuevos y de software abierto, eso si las librerias originales aun son software cerrado. Estamos varios de jugandolo un rato todas las noches, a matar !!!

I been loving nyxt browser, only problem I have is that it uses webkit2gtk, and in my big PC with I3/xorg that unfortunatelly has a nvidia card, the CPU use goes up to 350% by nyxt... I am sure here the evil is nvidia but is pa pain to have to pick up the laptop to develop for the bitwarden library, sometimes I like to be in my big monitor.

alt.anonymous another very active group, the more I use it the more time I spend on it everyday.

Just started 30m a go to put together all that I need to write the library for , is taking me 3 times more than if I did it with C/GO since I am not familiar with but seems kind of simple/easy so far.

I just finished upgrading our mastodon instance to latest 3.5.1 so we all updated. we need some downtime in the near future to upgrade postgresql.

aqui va el tema que me mola yewtu.be/watch?v=8B-sFGfA3lM
> yewtu.be/watch?v=X9gEe2elxEo BOYS NOIZE TONIGHT! I missed them 2 times, but not today! they made the soundtrack for the hacker movie in Berlin called "WHO AM I"

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yewtu.be/watch?v=X9gEe2elxEo BOYS NOIZE TONIGHT! I missed them 2 times, but not today! they made the soundtrack for the hacker movie in Berlin called "WHO AM I"

Just finished adding a nyxt extension to add my own search engines, like startpage, AUR and peertube etc now adding this other one that some of you may be interested nx-freestance-handler
nx-freestance-handler is a redirector from mainstream websites to their privacy-supporting mirrors for the Nyxt browser. It is currently able to redirect from Youtube to Invidious, from Reddit to Teddit, from Instagram to Bibliogram, and from Twitter to Nitter.

Today @NerdRat told me about Nyxt browser, I did some research and saw a video on peertube and I am in ~LOVE~ O_O nyxt.atlas.engineer/ will try it and hack on it for a couple weeks and report back.

como correr music streaming desde una red descentralizada y libre como desde la consola, sin navegadores, sin javascript, sin mierdas man.sr.ht/~rek2/Hispagatos-wik

ya me he cansado de protonmail nunca me gusta el sistema "centralizado" que tiene y de tener que usar la mierda de su proxy para poder usar software libre y estandares abiertos como IMAP/SMTP etc, asi que estoy migrando todas las cuentas de @hispagatos.org a migadu.com recomendado por muchos colegas y amig@s, soportan 100% libre/open software y estandares

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