Please support "hacking is not a crime" by signing this petition below, to support hackers and push for positive changes. asking for politicians and media to stop portraying hackers as cybercriminals and other important issues for this please sign: :hacker: :crt_w_green_lines:

good Documentary related to the cyberwar hackers(not cybercriminals) vs corporations/governments for privacy, freedom of speech, dencentralization and peoples rights on a digital age

cookies in the night - ohh yeah :) 🍪 :awesome_rotate:

uploading to odysee for people who does not want to use youtube and propietary centralized podcast players like i* and google* and are to lazy to download the mp3 :) Off The Hook - Jul 07, 2021

So far our playlists, more to come since we trying to make it easier for people, since our main channel has so many diff videos

did more updates to my blog in check it out at gemini:// best viewed with on GNU/Linux :) :crt_w_prompt: :crt_w_green_lines: :gnu: <--- make sure you click on the new "alarm" button next to "following" in our channel so you get a notice when we go live or upload new videos! :ancom: :crt_w_green_lines: :gnu: :antifa:

ok is done... all my systems are using opendoas instead of sudo, another goal check. :bondrewd_parrot:

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