2 HOURS Darksynth / Cyberpunk / Midtempo Mix 'EMPIRE' [Copyright Free] youtu.be/hIw-na994kg you can tell hackers did this.. "copyright free" INFORMATION WANTS TO BE FREE!!!

if you though hackers do not know how to do a propper masspit! go to minute 2:35 for this front 242 live concert youtu.be/m26dXRZxxFk

Try walking in my shoes - Depeche mode

slowly but surely moving all my projects and code to sourcehut sr.ht/~rek2/ tonight I moved some more repos from gitlab. and

3 am and making "sopa de fideos" :D :D hacker time dinner :D :crt_w_green_lines: :crt_w_prompt:

Forgot to update my blog this month ops! I just made an entry yesterday
also reminder that we were able to migrate our main hispagatos blog as well

still fixing some formatting from http to gemini issues on this last one

my subliminal msg's on all my PR's on github to tell people to MIGRATE away from that crappy place.

been 2 hours burning my brain cells to make the most efficient tcp port scanner on GO, I have wrote tons of this, but every time I do it, I say ok next time I have to dedicate more time to this and make it more elegant since I am usually in a hurry to pipe that into some other tool. but today I have time... trying to make the best out of the channels and waitgroups

Worked a bit more on my youtube TUI player called goListen2Music, added config and secured the youtube api key on gopass/pass instead of grabbing it insecurely from a environment variable git.sr.ht/~rek2/golisten2music still tons more to go.

Hispagatos is moving base to one of this cat island sometime :) youtu.be/AGrlf8ww0cA

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