Mp3 juices is still a reliable source for free music.

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la puta mierda de la OTAN y de Rusia nos quieren matar a todos, los dos tan son EVIL. la OTAN por denunciar cosas que EEUU y UK y sus perros aliados invadiendo paises controlando america del sur y el medio oriente y por otro lado Rusia por jugar al mismo juego y querer controlar el este de Europa, Ricos de mierda y los que los creen nos van a meter en otra guerra mundial y todos los que no somos ricos a morir y sufrir como siempre, mientras que ellos juegan al RISK con las vidas de los demas.

The creative process is a cyclical process. It must be fed if it is ever to churn out any ideas, yield any results. The more it is fed, — the more colorful, the more rich it's turnout.

My insomnia is so bad right now. I feel as though I will miss out on ideas if I sleep yet I can't execute them fast enough when they come.

Of course it's no wonder social media has radically transformed the way people interact amongst each other online where what is prioritized is the showcasing of an idyllic lifestyle. What one should aspire to is traveling, indulging, shopping... all while looking incredibly attractive. This disgusting wealth propaganda has millions of people in a chokehold.

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Crytpto currency and NFTs are branded like fucking lottery and people have come to fall for them following the allure of wealth propaganda. Capitalists have fooled people with the prospect of becoming rich if they hit it big someday. And that possibility alone is worth destroying the planet apparently.

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If we resist the comfortable abstraction of the ‘Other’, we can perhaps achieve greater visibility of the granular uniqueness in which each one of us emerges as quintessentially human: situated in particular moments of history, occupying particular pieces of Earth, yet never defined solely by such frameworks.

Hey peeps, I make art and am trying to get some exposure. These are some of my hand cut collages. They're all scanned and super pretty :)

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