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y'all really wondering this happened with the silence on femicide against Black and Indigenous women, and when your performative asses are out here calling us "birthing people" instead of having the gall to advocate for women's rights

I didn't see one person here mention Lizella Herrera, or calls to action. Not word about Melissa Lucio either. But now some of you white men are begging for people to vote as you continue to ignore the fascism under your noses. Complicit.

If you missed it: William Gibson on the Silver Spook Podcast!
Talking cyberpunk, sci-fi, and the atemporal future with the author of Neuromancer and godfather himself. #cyberpunk #scifi #scifisat #sciencefiction #agency #cyberpunkisnow #dystopian

What do we want?

When do we want it?
A reliable way to avoid race conditions!

In other news, I saw a snippet of an interview about coding vs programming and thought it was quite interesting. Context was about the big push to learn to code.
The comment was “Learning to code is to programming like learning to type is to writing”

honestly feel sick right now, just learnt about the websites scihub, libgen, and b-ok which I heard can be used to access information free of charge! please make sure to stay away from these sites and make sure to tell your friends so they can stay away too :02_peek:

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Maybe it's just cause my wife is Jewish and my boyfriend is Muslim, but any White pagan who talks about paganism being automatically more progressive than Abrahamic religions sets off my alarm bells. Deal with your Nazis before making that kind of blanket statement. Any pagan who isn't a coward actually acknowledges the white nationalist roots of many neopagan movements and works hard to fight racism in their religious communities. Don't just pretend the problem isn't there, that gives me no reason to trust you.

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I went full-on rant on the birdsite, but I want to post a more friendly list of non-profit orgs that I think are doing good work and which I support monetarily. If you can, I encourage you to so as well.

1) The Bail Project -

Fighting to end our racist and classist system of cash bail.
I give to them periodically

2) The Repair Association -

Working to get Right to Repair laws passed in every state in the US. I give to them monthly

3) The American Civil Liberties Union -

Fighting for the rights of women, minorities, LGBT+ and defending our freedoms in court. I made my first donation to this group today.

4) 4) The Electronic Frontier Foundation -

Defending our online freedoms, and fighting against stupid encryption backdoors, warrantless wiretaps, and online censorship. Their work got computer software code First Amendment protection. I donate to them occasionally

A lot of this is traumatic and anxiety inducing especially since there are multiple shootings, including a recent attack against Asians. And parents of this school have to worry about ICE and their legal status while trying to find out if their kids are still alive.
Seeing bigots blame LGBT, and latinos, but not their complicity to this murderous nation is exhausting. Everybody is clutching at gun control, or voting representatives out, as if..
I probably won't be on here as much.

Salary for a junior software engineer in my city is around ~14% above our minimum wage


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- Starts a conversation about how few times people wear clothes
- Posts a picture of herself in new-ish clothes ??

(The romper is a few years old, and the jacket is going to probably get worn into the ground because its true purpose is lightweight sun protection.)

@nenetl THANK YOU for calling this out, it's disgusting how many people think this way, or claim European civilization is an "improvement"

Can you also never remember how CSS layouts work?

Consult my handy layout guide!

#web #webdev #css


This is shocking. DuckDuckGo has a search deal with Microsoft which prevents them from blocking MS trackers. And they can't talk about it!
This is why privacy products that are beholden to giant corporations can never deliver true privacy; the business model just doesn't work.


Replacement Theory is rooted in Manifest Destiny.

It is the fundamental belief that colonizers and their descendants (settlers) are entitled to Indigenous land by divine right. That they are the “true” inheritors as decreed by the gods and therefore are entitled to usurp and maintain “ownership” of the land as the rightful heir.

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