La tortura de escribir con el teclado del telefono

Polis que se hacen pasar por Anonymous: a puñaos

Vaig posar tanta passió en l'1-O.. resultat: perdre clients, ningu me'n va donar les gracies de la feina feta i una tristesa que arrossego des de llavors. Trista com mai...

A les 18:30 m'entrevisten a Catalunya Radio sobre xarxes socials

El hackmeeting del 2019 está en marcha!

Será en Errekaleor, Gasteiz, el 20, 21 y 22 de Septiembre. En la wiki
está toda la info:

¿Qué problema tiene la gente con los intermitentes?

Chinese authorities are using a mobile app to carry out illegal mass surveillance and arbitrary detentions
Mi duda es: ¿Hacen esto también EEUU y Europa, pero no nos lo dicen?

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@remotenemesis @purism it looks like the Librem Social app is forcefully re-adding it’s own instance as default even after I purposefully removed it from the list.

Not honoring user configuration is anti-user behavior. Deleting immediately. Who knows what else they’re willing to do on my hardware, directly opposing my consent.

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@purism Thx for this blog post. I would really appreciate it if you put a notice into Librem social that it is a fork of Tusky. Here is our opencollective in case you want to support the Tusky team

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So it turns out you can put custom boot images on Lenovo laptops

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Pareciera que la 3er guerra mundial se va a desencadenar por twitter y los bandos van a ser vecinos de cada barrio del planeta que quieren evitar la invasioin de los "Nazis-Fachos-Comunistas" contra sus otros vecinos que quieren evitar la invasion de los "Nazis-Fachos-Capitalistas del Imperio". Todo eso mientras los que tienen codigos nucleares juegan un poker en Suecia.
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Una reflexión sobre los derechos de autor, la nueva directiva copyright 📝

Necesitamos medios para poder compensar a los autores adecuadamente, de forma que los creadores sean quienes se vean beneficiados, no los intermediarios. Y desde luego no necesitamos filtros que coarten la creatividad.

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Arabia Saudí decapita a 36 personas y crucifica una por ser de otra religión, la policía de Honduras mata a manifestantes pacíficos, la francesa los muele a palos y la noticia está en Venezuela

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Lighten up on yourself. No one is perfect. Gently accept your humanness. ~ Deborah Day

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@purism @Purism While I'm all for decentralisation and moving away from malicious corporate entities, I don't really like how it's made to seem as if every service on is something made by Purism. The technical specifications do say what protocol is being used but not the underlying software and I think that's an underhanded way to go about it.

At least say LibremSocial is Mastodon, LibremTunnel is PIA, LibremMail is any old mail server with tight GPG integration & K-9 Mail from Android, and that LibremFiles and Contacts will, I assume, be Nextcloud.

I really don't like people that come along, take a good open source project, rebrand it, and pass it off as their own. Transparency is a good thing and I don't really see any on the front page of

If you were operating this as a non-profit, that would one thing. It's an entirely different matter to be making money from free software without giving credit where credit is due.

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