BOYS NOIZE TONIGHT! I missed them 2 times, but not today! they made the soundtrack for the hacker movie in Berlin called "WHO AM I"

Just finished adding a nyxt extension to add my own search engines, like startpage, AUR and peertube etc now adding this other one that some of you may be interested nx-freestance-handler
nx-freestance-handler is a redirector from mainstream websites to their privacy-supporting mirrors for the Nyxt browser. It is currently able to redirect from Youtube to Invidious, from Reddit to Teddit, from Instagram to Bibliogram, and from Twitter to Nitter.

Today @NerdRat told me about Nyxt browser, I did some research and saw a video on peertube and I am in ~LOVE~ O_O will try it and hack on it for a couple weeks and report back.

como correr music streaming desde una red descentralizada y libre como desde la consola, sin navegadores, sin javascript, sin mierdas

Lots of new faces on the just in this past week, which is very excite! Here's some cool to share with all of you:

starts at 7pm EST this upcoming Friday (April 29th) thru Sunday (May 1st). There's a and great talks.

2600 "A New " con in NYC. July 22-24, 2022. This is a great hacker "roots" conference that happens every two years.


Carolina Con Online 2 for 2022 is kicking off at 7pm EST on Friday April 29th - May 1st, so mark your calendars!

Last year the talks were all great and the was lots of fun. I'm looking forward to this year's con and suggest you check it out ^_^


They have their own server this year too!


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