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Boost this to federate my server please I need friends. I need a timeline. Also follow me (after reading my bio).
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What is with these fake fucking commies? Is communism literally just fashion?

Bojack got redeemed, seen as a human and forgiven... But we still can't

oh wait that's all of Reddit. Where's the message board for adult intellectuals like myself?

Btw half the people he interviews hes clearly trying to fuck.

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Seriously if you read this take 20 mins to watch some of it. I suggest smoking weed firstm

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Guys if you want to watch really bad comedians try really really hard but fail anyway... Watch tampanewsforce on twitch. It's so cringy I actually feel sad. It's the stream of my depression, watching it is surreal. Basically if you hate yourself watch it. It's a 24/7 stream of clips from some weird sketch comedy / news show / one guys desperate attempt to be a comic.

Tfw you smoke weed and you're high and you do it every day and you don't care.

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ICYMI: When you publish things publicly on the internet, that means those things are by nature downloadable by other people, and no matter what you say, do, or want, they will not only be able to download anything you've published publicly, but do absolutely whatever they want to do with it.

DRM can never stop this, laws can never stop this, only your decision to publish things on the internet can stop this. If the MPAA can't stop people from doing whatever the fuck they want, how will you?

Haters are coming from everywhere
They can't fade me, and I don't care
My stacks are blowing off the roof
And my hustle is haterproof

2020 is the year self hate dies and leftists grow a pair.

Context. Notice how it's the recipient not the concept that they object to.

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>antisemite of the year
You can't make this shut up!

Press F to pay respects to the dead iranians.
Press S to spit on the future graves of americants.

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