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No soy nada.
Nunca seré nada.
No puedo querer ser nada.
Aparte de esto, tengo en mí todos los sueños del mundo.

If we're lucky, in the future We all can have our 15 minutes of privacy

Startup idea: overthrow capitalism so computers can be good instead of bad.

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Guy who has only seen the USSR collapse, watching his second empire collapse: Getting a lot of 'USSR' vibes from this...

How many did you need to click in the right button?

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the english words for “north”, “south” “east” “west” actually come from the ancient nordic names for dwarves who were thought to live in those directions, and hold the sky up like pallbearers of the heavens.

Norðri, Suðri, Austri and Vestri

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Scully argues with Mulder about ghost cavemen. Mulder accidentally offends a army general by ranting about alien viruses.

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