"The pioneer and would-be spacefarer has said he would like to die on Mars, though not on impact. Martian conditions suggest death on impact might be preferable." -novacene, James Lovelock

@korvolambda RIP the great pokymath James Lovelock, author of the Gaia's theory and one of my favorite books "novacene".

@korvolambda this post got me looking into the dude, really interesting, He criticized the antinuke movement for being funded by the oil companies and that took me down a rabbit hole, it's 100% true, Exxon BP etc were astroturfing back in the 50's and still give millions to Greenpeace, the Sierra Club etc.

@tech_prole he has a lot of things under his umbrella (having living an active life past 103 yrs old). One of those was that he is probably one of the people behind the invention of the microwave...although its probably just false info.
Nonetheless he has some interesting points of view about science and the limitations of that "framework" of thinking and that sometimes an "intuitive" and less logical approach can be better

@korvolambda yeah i gotta read his stuff, iheard gaia theory mentioned usually in a dismissive way over the years, but understanding the earth and various subsystems as a living or at least self correcting system isn't that far fetched, tho there isn't an easy way to "prove" that empirically.

the human body is made up of zillions of micro-organism, organic life is ultimately a physical process; a state of matter, whose to say planets stars galaxies etc don't have similar emergent properties.

@korvolambda tho talk about intuitive modes of thinking has certain dangers, with gaia theory in particular seems to lend itself to pantheism/animism and/or spiritual/mystical modes of thinking

Carl Jung was big onintuition, his theory of synchronicity, defined in the movie Repo man as "a lattice of coincidence" underlying reality it's basically schizophrenic paranoid delusional thinking that everything is connected and everything that happens has *intent* behind it. think gang stalking

@korvolambda skimmed thru Jung's Red book one time, what a trip

I think there's a balance to be had, we can be scientific/emperical/materialist in worldly matters while having a little mysticism as a treat

When it comes to social issues it's basically impossible to have a hard science of the social, intuition is key, psychology, economics, sociology all basically psuedo or proto sciences, and a crude math and data social theory is usually furthest from reality, often thinly veiled ideology.

@tech_prole I think you comparison with Jung is actually right on the spot. You can say that James Lovelock is kind of the Jung in the scientific community. In the end, Gaia's theory has been more or less disproveed but even then I think it was valuable in order to put a reality check in the blid confidence that we almost always deposit in "science", sometimes missing the point in the bigger picture.


@tech_prole @korvolambda his last book, novacene has some interesting takes about AI and the future of the planet. As always with him is highly probably that you disagree with him in lots of things but at least it will provide you with a good mental exercises of imagination and speculation.

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