"The pioneer and would-be spacefarer has said he would like to die on Mars, though not on impact. Martian conditions suggest death on impact might be preferable." -novacene, James Lovelock

@korvolambda RIP the great pokymath James Lovelock, author of the Gaia's theory and one of my favorite books "novacene".

@korvolambda this post got me looking into the dude, really interesting, He criticized the antinuke movement for being funded by the oil companies and that took me down a rabbit hole, it's 100% true, Exxon BP etc were astroturfing back in the 50's and still give millions to Greenpeace, the Sierra Club etc.

@korvolambda Not to say there no legit concerns about nuclear power especially in the 70's or there wasn't an organic component but it really raises some issues for history of environmentalist and anarchist movements in north america, as Earth First, Food Not Bombs ALF/ELF both primmies and post civ, the practice of consensus decision making all can trace their lineage to anti nuclear movement in the 70's; when the (primarily white) left after the 60's went into environmental issues

@korvolambda god damn white hippies taking oil money, no wonder they loved those VW micro-buses so much

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