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Remember to show to others. We are all different and that brings different thoughts & opinions. It's not cool to show hate towards another because they believe in something different.

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Remember all Fediverse people...



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A message to the world: Let's all start learning so we can start living a better life together rather than one where people always work against each other over their differences. We can all be a part of a better world together ^_^

Hope everyone is also having a ! Always strive to enjoy the things that make you truly happy. Much love to you all ^_^

Hope everyone has a ! Continue being & remember that we're all human, as no one will ever be the same as you. This also means we need to be towards each other as we all see the world differently. I'm happy we're not all cookie cutter copies of each other.

Much to all the great people in the world ^_^

Anyone else feel the world would be a better place without Microsoft and Apple?

Buenos dias para todos ^_^
Everyone have fun & fiesta!

For anyone not following the SEC's case against , the govt is trying to classify anything as a security... I'm sure the govt pursuing them also has to do with the fact that they don't censor their users either.

Check out this link to learn more and sign the petition:

I wonder if they'll ever rename Silicon Valley to the more accurate "Silly Con Valley"... Probably not because that would be bad for business, lol ^_^

What are people running for their own self-hosted mail servers? I was thinking an SBC might work since I don't have high traffic, but wanted to see what people's experiences have been with email hosting. Looking for ideas & thoughts ^_^

I had trouble uploading this earlier, so this is for all the out there ^_^ the new is the bee's knees, lulz

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Here's a fascinating little quiz for those that enjoy graphs and statistics ^_^ Enjoy!

Check The Hated One's most recent video discussing what & their are upto and why you might want to steer away from them. He starts digging into the details of this around 7 and half minutes into the video.

And the MobileCoin foundation website says verbatim:
"At MobileCoin, we believe governments have a legitimate interest in regulating the economic lives of their citizens."

Has anyone else seen this yet about this shady company in Florida? They were recently given indirect control of a massive IP space (175 million IPs or 1/25th of the entire internet!) on behalf of the DoD, without the knowledge of the public of course. This amount of IPs is a larger amount than what China manages or any American ISP. It's always good to know what the are up to ^_^

Our favorite Canadian pastor who told the authorities to go F themselves recently was harassed a second time by the , but this time accompanied by a team, on a Sunday when he's conducting a service, to no surprise:

Carolina Con Online is happening this weekend! Great talks so far and the is fun. Check it out ^_^

"Tooth decay is not only unnecessary, but an indication of our divergence from Nature's fundamental laws of life and health."

- Dr. Weston Price

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