NEVER MIND I did just blow it up. time to reinstall I guess...

Well almost nuked off my entire system in a single line of shell script. Double check your code before running it as sudo kids! Or you'll spend the next 15 minutes reinstalling packages like me! 😂

Wow I had absolutely forgotten I got this thing. Geesh my last post was like months ago

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-replaces Facebook:
-Aardwolf (alpha?):

-replaces Instagram:
-Lychee (Self-hosted only/not federated):

-replaces WhatsApp:
-IRC(Self-hosted only/not federated)

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10s of 1000s in #Argentina join truckers (who gridlocked traffic in protest) and other #labor unions in massive demonstrations against president #Macri's #austerity policies, which are much beloved among US financiers and capitalists

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#Argentina: Social movements and #labor unions renew street protests against president #Macri's #austerity agenda, demanding an end to layoffs of public employees and a repeal of his pension "reform"

Seriously, here we melt thanks to this heat wave and in Spain they are buried in snow, we done fucked up

Ok whoever still thinks global warming isn't a thing should try to sleep when it's 35°C AT NIGHT

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#Starbucks de Buenos Aires acusado de minar criptomonedas usando los portátiles de sus clientes a través del WiFi:

cc/ @fanta

(vía Jorge SoydelBierzo)

Robbing you off your power bill, interesting business model. Shows how much of a fuck gives about controlling which ads they display, fucking pig$

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1942: "No tengas un diario personal, le puede dar información al enemigo". 2017: *El enemigo se limita a leer tu cuenta de Twitter*.
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Man hearing the Pope calling out the native oppression by the States around the world is so satisfying. Mari Mari Francisco ✊🙏

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I hate it when some websercers will not send you data because you're under , fuck them

I mean the mess that spectre and meltdown can cause will not be fun to deal with, but at least it might help break the hegemony in the CPU market, fuck Intel and AMD

I can hardly wait for all those unmaintained embedded devices to get abused by meltdown, good bye IoT, ain't gonna miss ya

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Argentina, right to protest 

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