my state has been poised for two years to completely ban abortions and these judges and lawmakers don't even have to deal with the indignity of a broken window? smash the state and everything it holds dear

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Anarchism and the Black Revolution (1993)
Lorenzo Kom'Boa Ervin

starting with one from the backlogs that I believe is an important read for anyone disillusioned by the destruction of the US black radical left post-1960s.

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thought I should make a thread where I log what I've read

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crunchy! you can see it fall apart a bit when looking straight down (holes appear) but otherwise i love it.?

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Seine is a 1951 painting by Ellsworth Kelly. An 83×41 grid of black or white rectangular cells comprise the “hard edge style” painting. Moving toward the center of the image from the left and right edges, each column has one more black cell than its neighbor; the center column is all-black. The resulting image is evocative of water reflecting off the water’s surface. I can’t find an authoritative source, but I learned once that Kelly drew numbers from a box to randomly select cells to fill. You can generate new Seines with a computer; I created one for my new banner image.

sometimes the imposter syndrome sets in and I wonder if I even deserve to call myself a programmer and then other days I turn around a tool within my own schedule

I'm at the "writing my own fanfiction" stage of nerdery

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I think I've officially watched enough material to call myself a Trekkie

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New fedi friends: how are you liking it here so far? What are your first impressions? I am curious what you think of our community.

Boosts appreciated. I would like to poll a large sample 🙂

hey @neauoire have you heard of this guy's ship project?

seems like kind of a proto-pino in a lot of ways

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Marcia, fine artist, film-maker, PhD candidate in Barça. Afro-Indigenous femme. I do artistic research, Afro-Caribbean phenomenology & a focus on phenomenology in an Hispano-Carib context. Creator of hashtags & tools on here like #Fediblock , #fedikitchen #finefemmefriday.

Been here for 3 yrs & was a mod on the only Blk instance that was harassed off here.

I don't take bs anymore. But I'm also lovely :)

I have my own subscription service & host reading groups. Come thru

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#feditips The Fediverse isn't really intended for direct messages, and, like any other service that doesn't use E2EE, the admins on your instance can still see "direct" posts (which is how DMs work).

It's better to use the "direct" feature to exchange contact information for platforms like Matrix or XMPP, which *are* end-to-end encrypted, and thus secure for chatting.

no homepage for the project (yet) but the beginnings of my personal site are up at

it's not much but I needed the CSS refresher

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did a small weekend project and set up a tilde server at as a space for permacomputing/lowtech/general ludditism. right now it's open to a few friends but if anyone wants a space to write hmu

I'm thinking I'll write it in Rust first and then learn enough uxn to try porting

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putting this here so I'll have the motivation to do it: a slide presentation program scripted in Lisp

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