@hacktivists We have to talk. I don't have those few pics I wanted to show you about them with me easily accessible but we have to talk. These guys are manipulated crypto-libertarians by crypto-fascists. I have investigated them enough to know what I am talking about. They pretend being crypto-anarchists but they are crypto-libertarians, definitely.

@stman yeah some people have mention they are right wing libertarians/US libertarian types.

@hacktivists Okay, let me dig into my picture and show you two things : My proposed definition of "Crypto-Anarchism" written a year ago, and the one those guys did. Then compare them. And if you see the difference between leftist anarchism and far right one, then well... I can't help any longer. I'll be back in a few minutes with those pics.

@hacktivists And please, understand that even my own definition of crypto-anarchism has evolved a lot since i wrote the one I am going to show you. I have to rework it a lot to add the "situationnist" touch on it. But still, the difference between mine and the one of parraleli polis is obvious. What is even more interesting, and what I have been studying this year was understanding what the nazis behind this were trying to do, how and why. I have been studying all their propagand like nobody did

@hacktivists and decoding their secret nazi political agenda, thanks to my new abilities to extract secret and hidden political agendas from technological agendas. And believe me, they now master instrumentalizing all leftist and anarchist ideologies, and I understand much better how they do this. All my work as a crypto-anarchist situationnist, and all the anti-fascist technological survey and analysis I am doing is aiming at giving intellectuel tools to all leftist and anarchist forces to

@hacktivists understand easily all what is at play and on going. All my crypto-anarchist situationnist work aims at training people to understand that the secret and hidden global political agenda, shaping the society, is indeed exclusively driven secretely by the technological agenda that is shaping the current cyberspace architecture, that is itself shaping the future of our society. And what I discovered has a name : Nazism and dictature is coming back in force, worldwide.

@hacktivists Here they are. You’ve git their definition of what they call « crypto-anarchism », which is indeed radical crypto-libertarianism, hiding a true crypto-fascist agenda I can easily demonstrate to, and the other one is the one I wrote myself a few month ago, and I need to rework it with my new work and theory. The differences between both are already obvious. Nobody infiltrated and understood crypto-libertarians crypto-fascists agenda as I did, sincerely.

@hacktivists If you consider « The natural order is the new order » not being something fascist, we must talk, seriously. Beside this, it is not this text that alerted me on their fascist plans, it is the analysis of their technological agenda. These text from them are just some propagand, but a few sentences clearly betray the fact they are libertarians, not anarchists. 80% of those guys only focus on crypto-currencies. I infiltrated their ranks, and can tell you 80% of them

@hacktivists simply vote far right. They are interested only by money and free markets. Solidarity, sharing, commons is something they strictly ignore. It is the state of the art of selfishness pushed to its maximum extended. Anarcho capitalism and individualism and that’s all. Most of them don’t even understand how crypto-fascists pull the strings and manipulate them.

@hacktivists And when a guy like me come in these groups and starts teaching how to enumerate and analyze all the different kinds of cyber-powers created by technologies in general, they start immediately to panic and to understand their masks they are hidding behind are going to fall, and that their true face is going to be revealed. I must admit I have been surprised at how they took on the anarchist scene, how they infiltrated it to silence it with all their techno lies.

@stman yeah this so called anarchist that are against collectivism are totally fake libertarians, we all know about them they also called anarcho capitalist and ancaps.

@hacktivists Crypto-fascists, hiding within and manipulating crypto-libertarians are way more clever than anybody could think. All my crypto-anarchist situationnist work is aiming at exposing and destroy all their smart propagand and their fucking nazi technological agenda. They fear me because they fucking know I master my anti-fascist technological survey. Believe me they fear me. My work allow to analyze, detect, expose and dismantel all their propagand and their lies.

@hacktivists It allows to see their cyber-domination and cyber-imperialist plans. I just have to ask you one single question to know if they managed to manipulate you : How to end mass surveillance ? Answer in 2 or 3 toots maximum, it should be enough to argument you answer. This test works 100% . Then I’ll tell you my crypto-anarchist situationnist answer to this same question.

@hacktivists It's not because crypto-anarchism and crypto-libertarianism share a few technological work that we are equals.

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