rek2 just owned system on Lightweight ! vía @hackthebox_eu

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I've been hacking on Sommelier this morning. With some hacks, here's Firefox running via Sommelier on a Xwayland-less Sway.

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Revelations that came from the Stratfor hack:

Dow Chemical, responsible for 25,000 deaths in the Bhopal, India 1984 gas leak, hired Stratfor to spy on activist group The Yes Men

Coca-Cola hired Stratfor to spy on PETA activists, worried they might be planning direct action

US oil and gas industry hired Stratfor to spy on ProPublica, which broke the first stories about the environmental/health risks of fracking

Hispagatos - International Anarchist Hackers @ 35c3 Chaos Communication Congress - Come to the Komona Assembly and join us a(A)a

In Rojava…I saw the strength and passion that the human being is capable of, I saw the will and determination to fight for freedom, justice and truth women and men are capable of. I saw the passion with which men and women are building a new society. I saw how a human being can overcome pain and suffering no matter how enormous and even when you think they will tear you apart so that you will never get up again.” (Orsola Casagrande)

| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ |
| THE |
| IS THE |
| _______|
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/   づ ALERT ALERT migrants getting tear gas with kids at the border all morning PST Time. PLEASE VISIT THIS SITE AND DONATE/HELP @adonis28850 @RoundRobin

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Portal Libertario OACA: **Ya en la calle el nº7 de la revista Abordaxe!**

"Las piratas embarcadas en la nave de la Editorial Abordaxe! presentamos un nuevo ejemplar de nuestra revista que, tras una década de trayectoria, llega a su nº 7. En este número viajamos al otro lado del Atlántico, reflexionamos sobre la grandeza y las miser…"

#anarquismo #bot

Hackerñol 00010010 - Galileo scaramouche con whiskie! o_O y con queen Best underground hacker show in Spanish on the internetz! a(A)a

TROUBLE #16: CONSPIRACY TO RIOT [uploaded by Hispagatos and the AnonAnarchistAction a(A)a] :ancom: :flan_molotov: a(A)a

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