A skeleton project for a GRUB-based bookit for linux. The sed script I included will change grub.cfg for you, but the regex doesn't work for encrypted volumes - you'll have to write your own to make it work. github.com/mgrube/GRUBKit

This will be a decade of transformation for the planet and for humanity. No, it will not be easy but the fight will be well worth it.

This is what I consider my personal account. It will not always have technical shit in it. Just unfollow if that annoys you.

All of this guy's thoughts sound like mine. Fucking love this guy's energy youtube.com/watch?v=zuJV-DAv_w

I can finally publicly disclose this issue. Remote code execution in Eclipse Che when used in Standalone/Desktop mode just by visiting a page. github.com/mgrube/CVE-2019-176

Mr.Robot soundtrack while coding malware is like an open window while reading a book.

protonmail: Hiiiiii please trust us with your private key pleeeeeeaaaase

Working on Dendrite....gets closer to beta release every day ^___^ Hoping to release on Jan 9 youtube.com/watch?v=1r3JFaROjR

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