Sufficiently complex code is indistinguishable from obfuscated code.

Dumped 20-25 hours into chasing an RCE bug without interaction and came up empty. x_x I did learn a lot. Gotta keep pushing...

Bug hunting: where you can think you have nothing and practically be there and think you have something amazing when it is actually nothing.

I really think some code is actually life. I know that sounds crazy, but some self-replicating code really does meet the qualifications of basic life. Not necessarily anything to be thought of as more significant than we think of bacteria, but life nonetheless.

Working on a lot of stuff at once, but I'm mentally tired so I recorded a video of one thing I'm working on. It's nothing right now, but here's the start of *nix bootkit. This is really not the interesting part at all but there is good stuff on the way.

Getting too distracted with all of this social media stuff. I'll be back when I have something to share. <3

Everybody loves to hate Java, but the JVM is actually one of the better performing and safer platforms to develop on. Oracle poorly coding browser plugins 10 years ago has nothing to do with the language itself.

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I can't remember if I ever shared this here, but I found a bug that allowed de-anonymization on Freenet:

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Virusoids, Satellite Viruses, and Virophages are 3 not really living machines that actually require a cell to already be infected with virus.

Virusoids are just free nucleic acids therefore they really need a cell and a virus to give them entry.

Satellite viruses require coinfection, satellite viruses often lack vital proteins to escape the cell they infect therefore without coinfection they're stuck, but when their partner virus comes along which does code for an escaping protein they can escape with that other virus.

Virophages are like bacteriophages though instead of parasitising bacteria, they go after other viruses to take advantage of them, satellite viruses typically are either beneficial to the required virus, or doesn't harm it in anyway, a virophage is a selfish virus, it'll infect a cell infected with the prey virus and take what it needs.

Virophage literally means virus eating.

Hey, I'm back! Finally.

Doing some research that I hope to be able to share with you by the end of the year.

I shared my sudo password stealer, but how often does a normal Mac user type sudo, anyway?

Emulate a MacOS Lock Screen to get creds

Psssst! Hey! Hey kid! Wanna learn how to code self-replicating programs?

Working on my first blog post. In the meantime, I thought this was cool.

Use git to maintain an encrypted anonymous code repository on Freenet.

To use, first you must install hg-infocalypse:

Blog server online. Now to populate it with something...

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