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Death Stranding :awesome_rotate:

Hideo Kojima Next Candy 🍬

Release Date : 8-NOV-2019


Interesting 💰

12 Core _ 4.6GHz (Boost)
24 Threads - TDP 105W
70MB Cache

---------> $499

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Hay una vulnerabilidad informática que jamás podrá ser combatida: el error humano.

Da igual el código, los cortafuegos avanzados, las técnicas de defensa y las certificaciones de seguridad que se tengan.

Sólo hay que saber buscar y dejar que la imaginación y la curiosidad te guien: cuestionarlo todo.

#ciberseguridad #hacking #hacktivismo

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If you're into anticapitalist, antifascist cyberpunk adventures, can't wait for Beyond a Steel Sky, and want to help me pay bills in cyberpunk dystopian America, Neofeud is on sale on Steam + DRM free on Itch!
#cyberpunk #indiegames

Usa🇺🇸 Google/Android/Hardware Ban On Huawei 🇨🇳 Bulshit Is Amazing.
Mainstream media and a lot of "knowledge" people dont know what is opensource projects,anyone can build a custom android rom with custom configurations to do what you want and have security and apps updates, you only need to put some effort.
Misleading unformed persons is a good way to disinformation .🇺🇸 wants 5G/Glory and now they cause problems to 🇨🇳 Comercial War .

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Be careful with hosting on shared infrastructure. Once again, new vulnerabilities are found which can break out of VM's and container boundaries...

Hello World . . .
Back from offline :awesome_rotate:

Hardware Problems RESOLVED 🖥️

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If you are using #riot-android you should update to version 0.8.28a as this is a critical security update.

If you are a user of the homeserver and have received an alert message stating that you should update to a version 0.8.99 from google play you can safely ignore that. This message was only targeted at google play users but accidentally sent to some #F-Droid users as well.

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