O alguien por aquí sabe de un ejemplo de black hat SEO negativo que le hicieron a una marca actual?

Foto en negativo de una montaña que subí hace un tiempo, espero tengan un excelente fin de semana 😊
Yo estoy rota por dentro pero tratando de estar bien

Venir a un bar y que me pidan sugerir una canción. Si por algo me senté en un esquina atrás de un pilar.

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Democrats are not allowed to say they will protect anyone, they are neoconservative controlled opposition to a fascist death cult

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Laptop vieja conectada al televisor, con Linux y el programa remote-tauchpad.

Para ver series, el navegador con privacy badger y u-block origin, para que no abra propaganda ni ventanas emergentes y cargue rápido.

Sitios de series y películas, e Invidious para ver YouTube.

Chupame la smart TV, la nefli, y la hachebole. El pueblo siempre triunfa.

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"Sometimes it seems like to tell the truth today is to run the risk of being killed. But if I fall, I'll fall five feet four inches forward in the fight for freedom. I'm not backing off." ~ Fannie Lou Hamer

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La visión de un futuro peor hace más agradable un presente espantoso.

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I met a woman who has a distinctive last name. I did a web search for her, because reasons. What I found: a letter she had written to a government official, who had decided that this correspondence should be public, I guess.

The online version of the letter redacted her house number, but not the street she lives on. Would you like to know how many houses are on that street? ONE. Hers.


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@Aleums prom theme escape room because wanting to escape from prom is a very relatable feeling

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One of the most annoying thing about academics is how content they are with their thoughts being locked up in $60 Harvard University press books.
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What topic you find more interesting?

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aight who wants to help make a new, free dns protocol, who wants to help host it, and who wants to put it into every major operating system. completely serious. who wants to do this. i would be willing to work on this if others want to help.

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“Never be deceived that the rich will allow you to vote away their wealth.” ~ Lucy Parsons #MayDay

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the Javascript ecosystem is essentially a failed anarchist society (long) 

What it used to be:
- many early adopters were anarchists/communists/etc.
- a huge public commons of highly reusable, high-quality, collaboratively developed libraries on npm, built for the benefit of the public, not for profit
- high degree of interoperability between different people's work, no need for pointless busywork to redo the same work over and over again
- successful(!) 'community specs' designed through community consensus (Promises/A+, CommonJS, etc.), gaining near-universal adoption
- fundamentally different structures from other language ecosystems, both technical and social, to make this work

What went wrong:
- large influx of users from other ecosystems due to hype in startup circles, unfamiliar with the established practices and reasons why
- early adopters failed to effectively convey and explain the ideological basis
- corporate adoption and subsequent capture; increasing "business value", leading to corporate steering of many essential pieces of the ecosystem (language spec, Node.js, etc.)
- npm became npm inc., a for-profit corporation, eventually being acquired by Github due to its large userbase, placing control over the public commons and its namespace in private hands
- ideological basis was forgotten, early adopters eventually left for greener pastures, now an almost purely parasitic environment of people leeching off the commons without guarding its integrity or health
- community-consensus specs started being replaced by "official", by-decree-from-up-high language specs (CommonJS -> ESM, Promises/A+ -> ES Promises)
- widespread adoption of these "official" specs, even though they were in many ways worse, due to their "official" label and many people assuming that what a central authority says must be correct or better
- rapid increase in shiny, well-marketed new tooling that is not interoperable with the existing ecosystem at all, and frequently works less well
- more and more commercial/proprietary 'sidecar' services (eg. Snyk) that you are expected to use, sometimes replacing open initiatives
- now an ecosystem and public commons that is rotting in every aspect with no real hope for recovery

... we should probably learn from this?

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Be the glitch you want to see in the matrix.

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