Feds are using sophisticated electronic surveillance against protesters in Portland. I wrote about how you can protect your Constitutionally protected privacy and freedom of assembly rights against these threats theintercept.com/2020/09/25/su

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Nuevo video del colectivo HISPAGATOS.

"Esto es Hackerñol, para hackers en español"

Los temas son:

- Cine documental independiente: "El despertar de la revuelta: Piedra contra la bala"
- Lemmy (un foro para la contracultura)
- Hackbloc: accion: rapey.co
- Enviar correo a los hipocritas de linux.com
- Estamos en Kolektiva
- Corte de EEUU confirma que lo que hizo la NSA es ilegal
- Snowden us court
- Entrevista con Snowden
- Wikileaks noticias sobre el juicio
- source hut
- beagles rss
- 2600 y off the hook - Historia
- 2600 y Off the Hook - Historia2
- 2600 y Off the Hook - Historia3
- Phonelosers of America
- hackthebox


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¡Que lo disfruten!

you are all welcome to visit our virtual anarchist hacker barrio! what used to be the anarchist hacker village for HOPE hackers on planet earth, hispagatos has keep it for our usual meetings, documentary watching and to make our hacker show cast for instructions enter wiki.hope.net/index.php?title=

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♻ RT @AdamWeinstein@twitter.com:

Veteran and photojournalist Chris Jones took this shot of a man in a Trump hat and an SS shirt at a civil rights rally today in Kingwood, West Virginia

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very interesting proyect for alternative/older internet protocols sr.ht/~julienxx/Castor/

#ProudBoy leader Joe Biggs was one of the key initiators of the hoax, helped spread disinfo on his website, 'The Biggs Report,' which falsely reported that antifascists were arrested for arson. This lie has been debunked by local law enforcement.

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We can accept corporate social media like Twitter and Facebook, where capitalists dictate what can or cannot be said and sell all our data for profit, or we can create our own social networks, based on decentralized protocols, with servers maintained and moderated by the community. That's why we've launched kolektiva.social. A #Mastodon server mantained by anarchists, dedicated to all who fight for freedom, equality and social justice.

Join now! Visit kolektiva.social and create your account.

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