Contra Info: **[Estado italiano] Resultado del re examen de la Operación Bialystok**

"Traducción recibida el 4/07/2020 Conocemos ahora el resultado del re examen para lxs prisionerxs y detenidxs en Italia por la Operación Bialystok. Paska libre ya que no existen exigencias cautelares. En cambio, confirmadas las otra…"

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Today, catch IGD on the radio at 12 PM PST on @kpfa
at 94.1 FM in #BayArea, 88.1 in #Fresno, 97.5 in #SantaCruz + streaming online at We'll be broadcasting our interview with Kristian Williams on counter-insurgency + policing.

I'm giving an overview of the state of decentralized social networks on Wednesday at a virtual meetup, Open Tech Will Save Us, hosted by Matrix:

There will also be talks on the Nym Mixnet and Aether P2p. Drop by! Invite to the meetup Sat night. finally found a ethically and hacker friendly tool to create meetings.

Hackerñol Mozilla.Hubs una ciudad cyberpunk de Hispagatos

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Si quereis apoyar a Hispagatos usando , podeis usar esta invitación para que ambas partes podamos ganar dinero:$/invite/@Hackernol:7. Teneis que verificar el email y luego, para recibir el dinero debereis darle vuestro número de teléfono para que verifique que sois vosotros.

“Bossware” is software that surveils workers on behalf of employers. Vendors insist it’s legal, but it often goes way beyond what’s necessary or proportionate to keep companies running smoothly.

NEW REAL HACKER DOCUMENTARY in the original hacker tradition - In direct opposition to banks, corporations and entrepreneurs who appropriated the words ‘hack/hackathon’, the film aims to fill these expressions with the subversive and anarchist tradition they originally contained. Tears For Fears - Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Official Music Video) - Then people say why we are such anti capitalist/imperialist we grow up with 80's music very anti cold war and anti capitalists, with counter cultures like hacking and designed drugs, rave illegal parties in the woods and warehouses, exploring the future from a green fluorescent terminal, cyberpunks were born. :molotov: :crt_w_green_lines: :gnu: :anarchismred:

US history, war, genocide 

Jesus Christ, we're fucking monsters. I've studied US history, how in the fuck have I never heard of this before today? I continue to be ashamed to my core to be white in America.

Governmental communism, like theocratic communism, is repugnant to the worker.
-- Peter Kropotkin

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Our compañeros now also have a peertube/fediverse node, add their account for new videos some "system fail" videos comming up: @submedia also add @colectivo and @hacktivists gracias.

The review and collection by the government of personal information that is clearly outside the scope of the visa application process creates unwarranted chilling effects on both visa applicants and their social media associates, including U.S. persons

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