RISC-V: The Open Era of Computing - yewtu.be/watch?v=Hl3nXexMXS0 I got mine in today! 2 days before scheluled. can't wait to start porting my software I been writing for 5-10 years and help others do the same. First thing is to install or , it comes with -5

alt.anonymous another very active group, the more I use it the more time I spend on it everyday.

Esta noche fiesta en el barrio virtual para el evento hacker de 2600 HOPE hubs.mozilla.com/zWXK8U6/hope2 Esta noche cuando somos mas despues de la 1am CEST como siempre vivimos de noche #2600

At past HOPE conferences there have been Villages for , , lots of villages, , , and many others. If you would like to create a Village at A New HOPE, bring what you need, and if you need help or have any questions, please ask. wiki.hope.net/index.php?title= stay tunned for our -hubs links


Here is the form for law enforcement to request footage of Ringdoorbells *without* resident consent.

(screenshot from Evan_Greer on twitter)

#Ringdoorbell #Amazon #Privacy #News #Policing

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Ya puedes participar remotamente desde el barrio de al próximo HOPE. Aún está en construcción así que tengan un poco de paciencia. :hacker:

I am participating to a New HOPE July 22-24, a hacker culture event in NY remotely through the neighborhood of .

You can also participate in this amazing experience by registering on:



For those w/neighbors buying Amazon Ringdoorbells, they record audio 40ft away (ie: around your home).

In case you wondered range your neighbors put you under audio surveillance as well... 😉

Thank #Amazon!

#Ringdoorbell #Smartcity #Surveillance


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Acabo de llegar a casa de la manifestacio y celebracion del orgullo LGTBI de Madrid 2022 - Fuerza! y adelante! ni un paso atras! un beso y abrazo desde , y me lo he pasado genial, hice el directo en peertube casi 3 horas. :anartrans_symbol: :blobrainbow: :ablobcatrave: :party_parrot: :peertube:

2600 Magazine Hackers Question Authority, Question everything even the technology we love
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