gender + pronouns, asking question 

so I use she or they pronouns not because of my gender, but because I simply don't care about which pronouns people use for me.

I hadn't considered this problematic, but someone on the birbsite mentioned they also use the same pronouns for the same reason and that someone told them it was a problematic thing to do.

I...don't get that, and searching around the internet hasn't been fruitful. Is choosing pronouns based on preference and not gender problematic?


gender + pronouns, asking question 

@VickyRampin Hi. I use he/they as pronouns for similar reasons. I guess that trans non-binary ppl might find the use of "they" problematic, as it's a way of stating they are NB.

I feel that ppl that don't really care about being called their assigned gender are close to NB, but I understand how that could be problematic to someone that transitioned to NB.

My 5 cents, anyway, I might be wrong.

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