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join us on lemmy! <3 there are many interesting forums, we have the c/anarcho_hackers c/hackbloc c/hispagatos c/hackthebox and in Matrix we also have :ancom: :hacker: :crt_w_prompt: :crt_w_green_lines: :antifa:

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For those of you interested in switching over to a server run by trusted anarchist comrades, you can sign up at

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today's soundtrack, morbid 

@mwlucas Current 93 ❤️

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Happy 39th birthday to the original IBM PC 5150 and PC-DOS 1.0!

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NRA dissolution 

If you're a shooter and are distressed at the NRA's being disbanded for rampant malfeasance, theft, and chicanery, then I have good news for you: the Socialist Rifle Association would welcome you.

They're all about firearms, though. No racism allowed.

@ryen @TheTarquin

That was a great talk. He reminded me of a more hacker-centric version of The Nemeton

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RT The HOPE Matrix will be continuing! It will become hosted by the Matrix mother ship, rather than self-hosted by 2600, for the after-HOPE discussions.

This will allow some continuity of the great community that was HOPE 2020!

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The second episode of our new show, System Fail is now available online. This time we look at different state's responses to the COVID-19 crisis, and interview to get his two cents.

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