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Gen Z kids don't remember vriska homestuck, they only know vriska fediverse

is now going by now? They must really fear the negative backlash and the increasing perception of facebook being a boomer hub.

#mastoween kids always breaking into hardware stores. its their favorite thing

The thing about vaporwave that's different from punk rock is you end up sharing the space with people who are unironically in love with capitalism. They're usually not turbo political people. They're just people who love things they can purchase. They're admittedly everywhere, not understanding that the whole thing is satire. I suppose that is the way of satire though.

Mulder hallucinates that a local coroner is his spirit twin. Smoking Man writes a novel about mythic creatures.

What a joke to be "anti racist" and colonialism when your instance is in favor of sexploitation.
But wait, there's more!

They want more pockz to join their instance because they admit they're eurocentric. I can probably guess that there's actually very few women in that instance. Just say it's a hugbox for liberalism.

Working Class History wrote the following post Sat, 16 Oct 2021 08:26:00 +0200

#OtD 16 Oct 1918 the Immigration Act of 1918 (aka: Alien Anarchists Exclusion Act of 1918) was signed into US law by Pres Wilson. It expanded earlier powers to target anarchists and members, nearly 1000 of whom were later deported

Software accessibility and access to hardware are crucial for the #RightToRepair. In support of both we ask for #DeviceNeutrality and #UpcyclingOfSoftware to be implemented in the new EU ecodesigns: #RepairDay

the liberals want you to become a crab and here's why that is a good thing

ridiculous fedi discourse 

@ljwrites I replied nicely the first time, it was you that made assumptions and decided to be rude in the first place, and apparently you're not well adjusted enough to handle a cartoon frog and take extreme offense to it. Grow up. The block button is right there, you can use it, you can stop replying. And yeah, I was dead serious, do something else with this energy lol

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