Esta “operación” se parece mucho a un reciente y fallido desembarco mercenario por allá en . La misma mafia que patrocina, el mismo objetivo terrorista y desestabilizador. Mercenarios igualmente!

~Canal: El indio Nica: Telegrama

Needless to say (though I'm saying this now 😏 ) the live BerkeleyLUG meetups at least thru the beginning of April are **cancelled** b/c of the COVID-19 Pandemic 😟

BerkeleyLUG IRC is still open, though, for those who wish to participate virtually

☮️ ❤️ :tux:

#berkeleylug #COVID19

#BerkeleyLUG is having its 2nd meetup of the month online via #Jitsi this Sunday 2020-05-24 starting around 11am PDT to who-knows-when(?)
The organizer has taken steps to ensure that the BerkeleyLUG Jitsi Meet won't be "Jitsi-bombed" or else overloaded 😎

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Quereis verme haciendo de comentarista?!?!?

Hackerñol - Gatos jugando al primera sesión :hacker: :crt_w_green_lines:

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Si quereis apoyar a Hispagatos usando , podeis usar esta invitación para que ambas partes podamos ganar dinero:$/invite/@Hackernol:7. Teneis que verificar el email y luego, para recibir el dinero debereis darle vuestro número de teléfono para que verifique que sois vosotros.

<< I'm going to briefly discuss a few things you can do with command mode, ranges, and especially the 'g' command in Vim. 'g' doesn't stand for 'gangsta' but it should! >>

Anarchy, today, is attack; it is war against every authority, every power, every state. In the future society, anarchy will be defence, the prevention of the re-establishment of any authority, any power, any state.
-- Carlo Cafiero

#anarchism #quote #bot

🎉 Happy 12th Birthday, #Fediverse

It's great that you don't put all your eggs in one basket ;) Stay cool.


full-sized image:

✔ idea to not let this day pass unnoticed - by @titi

#Fediverse12 #HappyFedi2U #art #eggs

Call me a sentimentalist hippy, but I still think typing "make love" into a UNIX system's shell prompt should respond "not war." I mean, sure, you can alias it, but, not the same :)

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