Nancie Pelosa. " Aka La Crazy Ruca from Castro Theatre" friends with the right wing demublicans

blm protest BBC news media corporate 

White girls at the BLM street party be like. I stand for justice!!! Ok Karen!

Esta “operación” se parece mucho a un reciente y fallido desembarco mercenario por allá en . La misma mafia que patrocina, el mismo objetivo terrorista y desestabilizador. Mercenarios igualmente!

~Canal: El indio Nica: Telegrama

candace hunter: herbalism guide to survive zombie apocalypse!! 

If the zombies have taught me anything, it’s that we’re each responsible for our own healthcare and survival. Just because an herb has worked for me doesn’t mean it’ll work for you or the zombies you face. Still, when you’re faced with a zombie crisis, it’s better to try something rather than flail about in a panic

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