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Substitute the morbid fascination with death(thanatos) with the philosophical concept of Ego death, as successful tactic in an Honorable way of living, loving and compassion

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I really don't understood why poor people who cant afford rent try to pretend they are on the side of the Patriotic war machine. As if it actually cared about them...

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Pronto... Una serie de blog bulletin sobre como una micro empresa o una organización, a escala puede desenredarse de utilizar Google para su comunicación.

Forthwith: A series of blog journals detailing how a micro collective or mini entrepreneur team can de googlify (untangle email/, sms/text) their entire communication tech including app ecosystem from Google's clutches ... Donation and tip accepted. Lol

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Dedicated to ALL life in ANY galaxy



Announcing The National
Emergency Library

The Internet Archive has temporarily suspended all waitlists, allowing you to immediately check out any of the 1.4 million books currently in our lending library. Until June 30th or the end of the US national emergency (whichever comes later), every borrowable book will be immediately accessible by anyone—creating, in effect, a National Emergency Library.

Presidente de #México, @lopezobrador_ informó que su gabinete trabaja para conseguir alternativas económicas ante la pandemia del Covid-19

El mandatario aseguró que para recuperar la economía se debe dar atención especial a las microempresas familiares 

Docker is a giant trash bag trying to cover up the pile

Today is the parent of tomorrow. The present casts its shadow far into the future.
-- Emma Goldman

#anarchism #quote #bot

Ayer en la fila para pagar en el supermercado me entraron ganas de toser.
Y allí me tenías aguantando como un jabato para que nadie me mirara raro si se me escapa la tos. Me daba vergüenza toser.

Os ha pasado o sois normales.

Your random Linux command from #ManMeBot:

ltrace (1) - A library call tracer

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El Servicio Mundial de Iglesias insta a #EEUU a levantar las sanciones contra #Cuba, #Venezuela e #Irá 

La solicitud se realiza ante la crisis sanitaria que ha generado la pandemia de #Covid-19

A user experience with FLOSS video conferencing:

"I've tried Jitsi Meet and found it to be smooth."

"Onboarding: Jitsi: Click a URL. No accounts. Hangouts: Google account. Need to individually invite other Google accounts.

Video Quality: Jitsi: Decent, slightly better than hangouts. Hangouts: Passable but grainy."

"Conclusion: Friends preferred Hangouts.

It's quite disheartening..."

I think we in the FLOSS community often think we just need to technically match/exceed proprietary software and people will switch, because of the added benefit of it being free software.

But there's often even a larger hurdle to overcome and that is instilled trust in big corp software and the buy in into their ecosystem. Because for every "de-Google" blog post you see, the sad reality is that many more people join their ecosystem daily and find it convenient enough not to care about FLOSS.

There arguments can of course also go the other way around.

Main disadvantages are:
- When something breaks, you are in charge of fixing it, not other people
- When you hit an error, you have to investigate. But you can of course pay people to help you with that if the community doesn't make it.

-when you have large quantities of people, you service might be overwhelmed as well, but it's easier and cheaper to "add more slots" by setting up a second or third machine

El 14 de marzo es el Día Internacional de #AcciónPorLosRíos, ya que estos cumplen una función primordial para el bienestar general y el ecosistema

Conoce los ríos más contaminados del mundo y qué hacer para evitar un mayor perjuicio 

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