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Substitute the morbid fascination with death(thanatos) with the philosophical concept of Ego death, as successful tactic in an Honorable way of living, loving and compassion

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I really don't understood why poor people who cant afford rent try to pretend they are on the side of the Patriotic war machine. As if it actually cared about them...

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Pronto... Una serie de blog bulletin sobre como una micro empresa o una organización, a escala puede desenredarse de utilizar Google para su comunicación.

Forthwith: A series of blog journals detailing how a micro collective or mini entrepreneur team can de googlify (untangle email/, sms/text) their entire communication tech including app ecosystem from Google's clutches ... Donation and tip accepted. Lol

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Dedicated to ALL life in ANY galaxy



¡¡QUE BRUTAL DIFERENCIA!! Peruanos en las calles resistiendo, el parlamento y la prensa no se sumaron a la represión del gobierno. En cambio en Chile muchos más muertos, mutilados, presos y parlamentarios salvando a Piñera. GRACIAS HERMANOS PERUANOS POR LA MUESTRA DE UNIDAD.…

usa klan drumph 

America today looking pretty masked up . They don’t have problem wearing a mask for the klan rally...

I’ve been skeptical of JK Rowling for years m8. I mean half breeds? Slithering s? Sssss? Hogs ? 🐷 🐖 🐽 Warts? Talk about some Eurocentric slightly Nordic pure race kinder mind washing. No thank ye. Sadly every one found out too late in the game lol. Check yoself I mean maybe if it was matriarch oriented or shroom related or at least not all British boys in “childhood trauma” elite school. Nah🤮

Well get used to a s Ton more of me posting here. Sorry . My account on 🦅 bird vulture site has finally been declared “censorship nonresistant”. Good riddance. Bye @tweeetercorp@jack hoot for the dead necrofile owl buggery. Gosh durnit all to heck!

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When goog Corp says:” every is freely choosing to freely freedomly choose our products.”

They are deceitful and hypocritical as we are all free to choose between all goog Corp ‘s RICO monopolies and total obliteration of competition through subversion and malfeasance . google became Evil 🦹‍♀️. But laughably so. I’m delighted that they finally will be dissolved. Full 🛑

Ultimo Minuto | BOLIVIA TIENE NUEVO PRESIDENTE (MÁS) LUIS ARCE 52.4% CARLOS MESA 31.5% "Para el pueblo lo que es del pueblo, porque el pueblo se lo ganó. Para el pueblo lo que es del pueblo, para el pueblo liberación" video de @jmkarg…

Jeanine Añez coup d'etat in #Bolivia is so illegitimate that they just lost in a landslide against the party they couped. XD

WATCH police fire tear gas as celebrations over LA Lakers NBA championship get out of hand

Numerous Los Angeles Lakers fans celebrated their team’s victory in the 2020 NBA Finals during a joyful Sunday night, which later descended into scuffles with police. Read Full Article at

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