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Substitute the morbid fascination with death(thanatos) with the philosophical concept of Ego death, as successful tactic in an Honorable way of living, loving and compassion

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I really don't understood why poor people who cant afford rent try to pretend they are on the side of the Patriotic war machine. As if it actually cared about them...

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Pronto... Una serie de blog bulletin sobre como una micro empresa o una organización, a escala puede desenredarse de utilizar Google para su comunicación.

Forthwith: A series of blog journals detailing how a micro collective or mini entrepreneur team can de googlify (untangle email/, sms/text) their entire communication tech including app ecosystem from Google's clutches ... Donation and tip accepted. Lol

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Dedicated to ALL life in ANY galaxy



**Thailand's Cannabis Revolution**

"In the first country in Asia to legalise medical marijuana, some promise it will alleviate poverty and even cure cancer."

#news #bot

" Hubble captures crisp new portrait of Jupiter's storms: This latest image of Jupiter, taken by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope on Aug. 25, 2020, was captured when the planet was 406 million miles from Earth. Hubble's sharp view is… #Earth #NASA #Planet

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El #DiaInternacionalDeLaMujerIndigena fue instituido por la #ONU en 1983, durante el II Encuentro de Organizaciones y Movimientos de América 🌎

El objetivo es centrar la atención en las mujeres indígenas, su historia, su situación y sus perspectivas

GitHub - zenhack/androidRandom: Android app for generating random numbers.

Is there a true random number generator in Android available as APK😭??? Fdroid? I heard the rng in Java was broken. Any one know? 😃

Is your school forcing you to use Zoom, Skype, or other proprietary videoconferencing software to learn or teach? We want to help you stand up for your rights! Sign and share our petition, and tell us about your school:

La desaparición forzada ha sido utilizada de forma sistemática, mayormente en dictaduras militares, con el objetivo de crear terror en la sociedad

América Latina y el Caribe aún llora familiares y seres queridos que desaparecieron y buscan respuestas: ¿Dónde están?

Disfruta #DocumentalesTeleSUR este domingo 30 de agosto

Conoce la crisis humanitaria en #África en el reportaje “Tierra prometida, gente excluída”


GitHub - guardianproject/proofmode: ProofMode: Verified Visuals (A CameraV-inspired Micro App)

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