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Pronto... Una serie de blog bulletin sobre como una micro empresa o una organización, a escala puede desenredarse de utilizar Google para su comunicación.

Forthwith: A series of blog journals detailing how a micro collective or mini entrepreneur team can de googlify (untangle email/, sms/text) their entire communication tech including app ecosystem from Google's clutches ... Donation and tip accepted. Lol

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There are certain kinds of people, pushy people, loud people, drunken people, they are psychic vampires and are easily manipulated by more powerful puppet masters.

Dont allow hurtful mean, loud angry people to pollute your life, abuse your kindness, and take your kindness for weakness...

I call them psychic vampires. Most of them are hurt. And they very often are addicted to pills and liquor or both.

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is msdos or GPT better option for a uefi enabled laptop USB drive install to entire partition ?

14gb PNY usb flash memory

😎 thank you 🙏🌹🍀😇
MX/antiX Technical Documentation Wiki | MX Community

Block ads at home using Pi-hole and a Raspberry Pi - Raspberry Pi

Jacob Salmela explains how to use Pi-hole and any Raspberry Pi to block online advertising on all devices connected to your home network.

peertube appears to require Twitter settings in the configuration, otherwise the daemon fails. I don't want any dependency upon Twitter.

Container solutions like #snap #flatpack #docker need to go away. They can never be secured, they create trademark + license violations and are mostly used to push non-free software. Stop telling people who want to run your crappy software that " should have installed it using docker". #neverdocker

"This report analyses the mapping practices of Google Maps in relation to the occupied Palestinian territories and how that helps form public opinion that serves the interests of the Israeli government, while simultaneously contradicting Google's responsibilities under international human rights frameworks."

Hi. I’m Liz. I am a writer and publisher. Very interested in democratic, non-violent activism, Internet communties and collaboration and Catalan independentism. Yeah and I sew and knit and garden. Based in Barcelona but with half a foot in Massachusetts. #introductions

did you wash your empty bits with zero's today? how clean are your data?

This afternoon I've been working on a #Nextcloud notes client for #mac.

The idea is to emulate the Mac Notes app which can't be made to sync with Nextcloud.

So far I've built the interface and the connectivity using Nextcloud's login flow. The notes are displayed, but are not yet editable, and you can't create new notes....

...still a long way to go!

NSA Asked Linus Torvalds To Install Backdoors Into GNU/Linux - Falkvinge on Liberty

The NSA has asked Linus Torvalds to inject covert backdoors into the free and open operating system GNU/Linux. This was revealed in this week’s...

In traditional finance news: my bank's TLS certificate has expired two days ago. These are the people securing other people's money.

#DidYouKnow you can host your own website on a private server powered by a solar panel!

This article explains: all you need is an Olimex Lime 2 single-board computer + a solar panel.

Would you want to host a #FreedomBox using solar power? Let us know!

Happy Indigenous Peoples Day! Fuck to Christopher Columbus

NATO's Secret Armies (2009)

In 1990, alarming evidence of NATO-sponsored terrorist attacks came to light. This is the shocking story of Operation Gladio; a tale of espionage, conspiracy...

John Trudell - Take back the Earth

Mother Earth is on OUR side! John Trudell 1980(?)Thanks Giving Day speech =============...

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