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Substitute the morbid fascination with death(thanatos) with the philosophical concept of Ego death, as successful tactic in an Honorable way of living, loving and compassion

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I really don't understood why poor people who cant afford rent try to pretend they are on the side of the Patriotic war machine. As if it actually cared about them...

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Pronto... Una serie de blog bulletin sobre como una micro empresa o una organización, a escala puede desenredarse de utilizar Google para su comunicación.

Forthwith: A series of blog journals detailing how a micro collective or mini entrepreneur team can de googlify (untangle email/, sms/text) their entire communication tech including app ecosystem from Google's clutches ... Donation and tip accepted. Lol

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Dedicated to ALL life in ANY galaxy



Al menos 5.000 migrantes esperan en Chiapas, frontera sur de #México , ser regularizados o repatriados 

El instituto Nacional de Migración mexicano, informó que los migrantes tienen en los albergues insumos de primera necesidad.

"Democracy is not compatible with capitalism. There’s no democracy on an Iowa Beef Processors killing floor or a Wal-Mart check-out line. Capitalism has always been inexorably pulled toward the concentration of wealth and power into ever fewer hands."

La causa de escuchas ilegales en el caso Santiago Maldonado llega a la Corte Suprema de Justicia de #Argentina , el joven desapareció en un operativo contra manifestaciones de la comunidad mapuche. 

Double fantasy, exposición en el Museo de Liverpool, de objetos personales y demás, cedidos por Yoko Ono.

Extra! Extra!

This week we travel to a future where there is so much fake news that nobody can tell what is real anymore. Are we already there? What happens next? This…



Anti-Hippie protestors, 1960s.


What is Fascism? Can the "Fascist Germ" Rise to Epidemic Levels in the USA Today? - Global Research

To consider the possibility of the rise of fascism in the United State of America (USA) today, this essay examines the success of fascism in Italy and Germany, where hard times gave rise to labor militancy that morphed into an existential communist threat - 1/2

Wannacry-slayer Marcus Hutchins pleads guilty to two counts of banking malware creation

'I regret these actions and accept full responsibility for my mistakes'🐷

" rabid bobcat attacked a horse and a golfer before being captured and killed by environmental protection police.

The wild animal targeted a group of four players near a bunker on the seventh hole of a course in Baltic, Connecticut."

Rabid bobcat attacks golfer and horse before being beaten with clubs then put down


Resultats del darrer taller d' pels carrers de #Vkk <3 <3 <3


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