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Blowback: Los costes y las consecuencias del imperio americano

Blowback: The Costs and Consequences of American Empire

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Scully se enfrenta a un misterioso general del ej茅rcito. Mulder intenta desenmascarar a los hackers del gobierno.

Can anyone recommend some good foley work resources and/or tutorials? Thinking about experimenting with recording an audio drama, and would like to avoid my usual tendency to re-invent the wheel. #foleyartist #sound #sounddesign #podcasting


Skinner hace un gesto de escepticismo ante la combusti贸n espont谩nea. Scully.

Russia鈥檚 equipment losses have picked up recently. They鈥檙e not at nearly 4x Ukrainian equipment losses. (Troop losses are closer, it鈥檚 more like 2.5x the losses for the Russians)

Note that these are the losses visually confirmed by Oryx on the Russian side and the Ukrainian Side, so true losses are going to be higher, though how much higher is uncertain.

game show network commercials alternate between 鈥淐BD Gummies they fuck you up! Buy 鈥榚m!鈥 and 鈥渉ere鈥檚 some mobile game you and no one else has ever heard of. Buy it!鈥

Waiting for a Cheeto commercial to round it out

Andaremos por ac谩, a ver qu茅 tal. La idea ahorita es conocer cuentas interesantes y despotricar sobre el estado de las cosas.
Escog铆 esta instancia para ver qu茅 onda con mastodon sin tanta mediaci贸n y por diferentes features que tienen ac谩.
Antipoliticamente hablando estoy en el tren anarco-/comunista y socialmente hablando soy una pluralidad de freaks y freakys.

violence, current events 

It is my absolute belief that #infosec needs to take an active role in keeping fascists and white supremacists out of the community, and just generally unwelcome and not tolerated in any public arena.

#FusakoShigenobu was one of the world's most feared women during the 1970s and 80s when her radical leftist group carried out armed attacks worldwide in support of the Palestinian cause
#FreedomFighters #FreePalestine馃嚨馃嚫

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