Orwell novels online text only, something to read inside the terminal.


Being payed to lie and defame. The ultimate set of skills to get hired by IBM, Redhat or Gnome. I am not surprised why their software is so low quality nowadays.

They should get better at building quality software, they are getting better in gossip and defamation.

During my years of student at the university, I was stupid and I didn't know anything about anything.

Though somehow I realized that in that environment one could find the most ignorant people in the planet.

People who think that with their specialized training in certain area they can explain everything.
That's the stupidest thing I have ever seen in an academic. Ironically universities are full of these people. Maybe they lack a bit of humility or mathematical-logic.


Un poco de hardcore en solidaridad con los compas de Colombia. Musica gestada en las tripas de la revelión chilena. Alomejor les alivia un poco la frustración. Aguante Colombia! Aguante Chile!

No Pueden Matarnos A Todos!

When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime you are ruled by criminals.

Laws were created to convince those who were stripped off they could strip off others without complains.


Stop watching the fucking T. V.!!

I want to make the whole system crash unrecoverable.

Una entrevista interesante acerca de como es posible una revolución gradual.

Descentralización y estructuras horizontales.


Truth always prevails, no matter how you deceive people with corporate TV every day.

Those responsible of massive killings are in fact deceiving themselves, every action you take clarifies who is the enemy.

You are not building a society, but a monster that will crush every system you have built.

You are building something no army can stop, and no private security will be able to protect you.

You are building your own grave.

You know? I simply can't eat double ration knowing someone else needs my extra ration, it is relieving when I give half my ration to a child, a fraction to an animal or a pinch to an ant colony.

When these sensationalist magazines and "pop" sites glorify billionaires, I think there is no better example of human corruption and degradation than those people.

Those who profit from human suffering and sickness will be remembered as traitors to humanity.

Now I can read all RFCs on my terminal thanks to Stéphane Bortzmeyer for this mirror. Of course using Gemini.

Less browser usage, less 100% CPU bursts, isn't that neat?


I don't remember what I became first, I've always been a dirty punk. Then I started to play with arcades and later with computers. I've always been an anarchist although for sometime I didn't know.

Now I am a Charro Cibernético

Look I don't want humanity travel to mars or any other planet. I want all homeless to live happily in those empty buildings capitalists build.

I don't want the rich to be poor or the poor to be rich. I want every human being well fed, dressed, wise and skilled.

If they want to.

For those who actually do research before emitting an delicate judgement. For those who chose to think instead of immediately condemn. The information is here:


Do not forget this incident, preserve the information for posterity.

When I was a kid adults always told me I was wrong about almost everything I did. That's when I started to realize they were so stupid.

So stupid are adults; everything I did learn that was wrong came from them. They weren't wrong when they did the same things.

I realized I can't trust anyone, and that was important to take control of what I learn in order to be free.

Now I understand adults incongruent behavior is because they are so proud stupid slaves.

I wonder what happened to this podcast. They haven't published new episodes, they are awesome. I miss them so much 😞




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