I am not used to take part, choose sides, or sympathize with opposite sides.

I don't like to play the stupid "I am better than you" mentality.

I didn't have to choose between emacs or vim. I use both, regularly, with default key bindings.

I am going to tell you the truth.

What purpose have corporations invest and spend the most?

Make people stupid, obedient and sick.

Birth control should be applied only to those who benefit from it.

My ideas do not converge with those of the proud slaves or slavers.

I do not trust beautiful ties and suits, nor the smell of bureaucracy's coffee.

El que los parásitos lamebotas hostiguen y difamamen a los que crean tecnologias libres y alternativas, solo es señal que las cosas se han hecho bien.

Significa que lo que han creado ha sido un éxito.

Lejos de deprimirse o detenerse a cuestionar si hemos tomado el rumbo correcto, el que nos hostiguen debe ser razón para empujar con mas fuerza lo que nos ha llevado al éxito.

Hay que reafirmar el rumbo, mucha fuerza a Drew y a todos en la comunidad de software libre.

I can't believe I was forgetting the unique pleasure that installing and configuring your own archlinux system gives you.

Arch based distros restrict you from this pleasure.

Well LFS, gentoo and BSD are like when you first had your best sex, best weed and best whiskey altogether.

Now that I don't have a girlfriend, I don't smoke weed, I don't drink alcohol, the pleasure of installing and configuring these systems has escalated.

:awesome_rotate: :blackcat:

Browsers should have been lisp machines. The web would be more interactive and sane.

Some of my favorite programming languages have been built with love by communities not by corporations:

Scheme (whether it is Guile, Chicken or Gambit)

Nim, because Python started to stink like shit.

C and C++ because I don't like losing power over the machine.

Lua because you can embed it on your C projects.

Haskell because of its sweet flavor to category theory.

I don't like programming languages advertised by big corporations, there is a big chance to things go wrong for no reason. Despite the fact that they are usually crap (like java or C#) and if you code in them you are giving away marketshare; their success is based on fantasies, lies and the fact that they reuse ideas from other languages.

Java being advertised as highly portable, guess what? The VM is mostly written in C/C++.

Rust, dammit! Simply learn to code good C.

Go? Why did I learn C?

I am all nostalgic the exact same computer that appears on The Computer Chronicles
was my first computer ever back in 1995. Had windows 3.11 and asteroids installed.

I remember opening the courtains of my room's window, so the kids outside could
watch me play asteroids and drawing on paint. The magic was in all yellow/black
monochromatic. I loved it!


In a $100,000 worth gaming PC the only bottleneck you can have is microsoft windows.

The way I see free software is:

Humans sharing true love between them. It is so, everyone has an opportunity to avoid being exploited and emancipate themselves technologically.

I love everyone creating, building, maintaining, testing, documenting, translating and contributing to free software.

You are the true heroes. I am grateful.

Some things that are pointers to in my brain these days are , and any useless trending manufactured information to distract me from killing a dragon in the dungeons of umoria.

It came to my mind earlier:

The thing about stupidity is that it does not discriminate.

Some people are more eager to reach it everyday, others have a natural talent to reach it without even thinking about it.

We all are stupid.

If I would need to explain capitalism to a child I would say: Capitalism is when a gorgeous man in a beautiful suit takes your meals in exchange for a beautiful and well crafted box full of feces.

In "The Economist" headlines you can read: "Why Ukrainian nazis must win"

Whenever you see concentration of power, you cannot expect kind hearts who care for your life.

You citizen, have been exploited for decades. You became a proud slave.

All wars are because you worked so hard for a decent home, junk food and a huge screen to waste the rest of your life like a vegetable.

With all due respect to vegetables.

Try to access rt.com from google chrome and whenever any of their platforms claim to be in favor of any freedom (speech, expression, etc), remember this is how far they can get.

" '403' Forbidden: means you are guilty no matter what you have to say"

Censorship tells you who you should not trust, not who you should not listen to.

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