Cuando te sientas tentado a juzgar, recuerda que es tu propia realidad la que limitas; no así la realidad del objeto de tu juicio.

Así es cómo nos vamos convirtiendo en ignorantes, creyendo que nuestros juicios definen la realidad colectiva.

Ignorante no es aquel que no sabe, sino aquel que sabiendo que no sabe, no quiere saber.

Deja que las personas se definan así mismas con sus acciones, con sus palabras y obras.

Cuestionalo todo, define tu propia realidad en base a tu propia experiencia.

? No thanks, that's gross. I prefer to lead my mind over various levels of abstraction than over various levels of stupidity.

Do yourself a favor and learn some category theory in the instance.

En la esclavitud moderna, no hay cadenas mas resistentes que el orgullo.

No hay grilletes mas suaves y lujosos que el prejuicio.

In the culture that television and social media spread though advertising, resides an explicit contempt for life.

That's why people who spend their lives consuming this information reject the idea of being eternal or long-lived.

My view is different, life is not long enough to learn what I need to learn; to solve all the problems I need to solve.

That's why I love and appreciate life, and that's why I reject and despise advertising, consumerism and materialism.

That's why I am an

People who crave for being controlled or control others, people who think they are heroes are in fact enemies of humanity.

These are dark times, criminals get rewarded for their crimes. Those who reveal the truth, defend human rights and life are prosecuted and killed.

Java was a corpse (still), I learned to program in C.

When people go to parties, I Haskell
When people go to work, I Golang at home
When I am having breakfast, I Rust
When people do ruby, I do Crystal
When noobs do python, I do Nim
When bunnies do scala, I do Chicken
When pigs do C#, I sharpen my Guile
When my friends do Guile, I Gambit

Life supposed to be beautiful, so I don't write C in C++. I try to Haskell in C++ and that old horse always kicks me in the face. The type system is a beast.

We as so called "rational" individuals, should definitely stop referring to "conspiracy theories" as science fiction or as fictional speculative perspectives.

In order for an individual or a group of individuals to preserve power and control over others, they must conspire and act behind the back; give the illusion of free will by offering "without money is not possible" way of life.

Corporate media has to have sympathy with bureaucratic information sources, so this sick society keeps rolling.

When I see insistent ads in any media, I tend to think: "here it goes, another piece of shit produced by money focused losers".

There is a ton of people who believe they are choosing, they believe they are free. But their choices, their ideals, the perfect life they live, it is all manufactured by those who control the media.

You can see evidence of this because consumerism fits perfectly in bureaucratic, vice and greed cycles.

What a parasitic behavior. We give poison in exchange for life.

I respected all Russians until I saw them behave like North Americans, showing off money, cars and plastic women.

Now I only respect Kropotkin, Bakunin, Makhno some philosophers and those boxers punching hard police batons and shields.

Everyone wants to live well, everyone has the right to live well.

Though not everyone is able to overcome vice or greed.

This is why it should be legal to peacefully deprive the rich of their belongings; of course with the protection of the police forces in their legitimate duty.

At least for those philanthropists who evade taxes and own shooting galleries.

Then you can say you made America great again.

I like two quotes that must be remembered in case you want to change the system.

"Capitalism -- a system of power in which ownership and control are divorced from labor -- could not survive in a free market."
-- Kevin Carson

"Poverty is the cause of crime, and the laws that stand in the way of free production and exchange are the cause of poverty."
-- Joseph Labadie

Censorship is the ultimate confirmation of an unconfirmed and uncovered conspiracy.

If the truth offends you, you are the problem. You have an opportunity to change for the better of everyone and the first thing you do is postpone the inevitable change.

Full of fear to loose control over people, when you have lost control over your own matters.

Such a pity to have so much wasted power, only because you lost control of yourself trying to control others.

Conspire is in essence to act behind the back of others.

No corporation, no government, nor any kind of centralized power can prevail without conspiring.

You can be certain they don't like transparency, they restrict access to information which is in fact universal.

They conspire against themselves striving for power, but mostly against the weak and poor.

So don't come to me with the argument that conspiracy theories are far from reality.

Conspiracy is the very basis of this sick society.

I don't celebrate anything based on a date, I celebrate everyday resisting society's hollow temptations and pleasures.

I celebrate being proud of achieving things without spilling innocent human blood.

In order to be a tangible revolution, the individual must be in constant evolution.

This implies the individual must overcome its old obsolete manners.

That's why conservatives are entangled in their old manners and oppose any revolution. They are unable to evolve, it is hard to stop hoarding.

Such a terrible psychological disorder.

I haven't found a single reasonable reason to trust the government-corporate-institutions conglomerate to delegate them any responsibility over me.

They have failed me so many times and they are not sorry.

What is Spycursion?

Spycursion is an in-development hacking and espionage MMO taking place in a near-future world which has been ravaged by a global cyberwar.

It is developed by .

(defun games ()) is a tiny, distributed game studio creating things with secret alien technology.

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