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Remember to show to others. We are all different and that brings different thoughts & opinions. It's not cool to show hate towards another because they believe in something different.

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Remember all Fediverse people...



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A message to the world: Let's all start learning so we can start living a better life together rather than one where people always work against each other over their differences. We can all be a part of a better world together ^_^

The Ram Dass once said:
"You can't get out of a you don't know you're in".

Remember to live your life in and ^_^

Let us listen to the wise words of Martin Luther King Jr., as he once said
" cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. cannot drive out hate; only love can do that"

"The greatest purveyor of in the world : My own , I can not be "
- Martin Luther King Jr

For anyone still not aware of the scam, this sums it up so anyone can understand ^_^

Happy New Years to everyone!

2022 will be , but only if we make it a better world ^_^

The talk about is coming up at 20:00 Berlin Time. It's titled "When Wikileaks bumped into the CIA: Operation Kudo exposed".

Check it out:

Another great quote from :

"Here's the thing about , they're so much easier to control than "

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Great quote from the new Matrix movie:

"That's it, isn't it? If we don't know what's , we can't ."

And just another reason to be using @libreoffice instead of proprietary crap. I wonder if US universities will LEARN from this and embrace some or if they'll continue to use the same garbage software they've been using for decades...

"US universities targeted by Office 365 phishing attacks" -

Only in is a trying to normalize within society. It's disgusting. It's sick.

This behavior is not socially acceptable and these people need to seek help, not ask society to give them a cute politically correct name. This blows my mind! So gross! Parents keep your children safe.

Just remember that "Every time you use , you’re protecting someone who needs to use it to stay alive."

I was not aware that and literally own everything on Earth. This documentary was very eye opening to me. Every should watch it so they know the criminals we are up against. As a fellow , I ask you to recall the section in the hacker ethics about mistrusting and distrusting authority. These global criminals have tricked lots of people into thinking they're doing good when it's just the opposite. Much love to everyone ^_^

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