and are 2 things that should go hand in hand. Self care is vital and we sadly do not talk enough about it.

So many amazing h/activists on various platforms suffer in silence, exile and solitude. We are lacking tools and compassion. We are sometimes also lacking time...

If you see someone out there struggling and you can give them a hand, please do. If you are not in the position to support them, just let them know they are not alone.

Ikno ikno. Haven’t been here much as moody as all is fucked and we are all fucked over but hey, there still is leftovers of interwebz even if big piggies noms much juicy bits.

Tho actual piggies are cute and do not wish to be eaten, those nets noming piggies are much not nice.

is about respecting | remembering past > learning | evolving in the present > growing |anticipating future 🏴

Information sharing is a human right that has to be taken | not given

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