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Listen to an audiobook. librivox.org/ has free, public domain books recorded by volunteers.

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Be sure to listen to our latest episode, featuring updates on @HOPEconf@twitter.com, Russian number stations, cryptocurrency thefts, the donation site for the Ottawa "Freedom Convoy" expoing user data, and more!
MP3: download.2600.com/mediadownloa
RSS: 2600.com/oth-broadband.xml

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When you're able, take a few moments and rest.

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Coming up in 9 hours at 0300 UTC on aNONradio.net is the all #new

S Y N T H * B A T T L E * R O Y A L E
(シンセ バトル ロワイアル)

Join us as synthesists from all over cobble together 10-15 minute soundscapes organically and on the fly with their synthesizers.

#analog #synth #modular #music #makers #dj #radio #live #community #fediverse

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Esto tiene ya unos meses - Compañeros, ya es hora de ponerse las pilas… - hispagatos.org/post/ya_es_hora

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Water is good for you year round. If you're thirsty, you're dehydrated.

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“Well, it's a futuristic modern world
But things aren't what they seem
Someday you better wake up
From this Fucked Up fantasy”

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Thanks to zoom, those of us fortunate enough to still have jobs are never really off the clock.

And the more we work, the more profit those who exploit us accumulate from our labor, and the poorer we are compared to them.


Smash capitalism—abolish work.

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Electronic Frontier Alliance member @STOPSpyingNY and over 100 other groups fought for the POST Act. The NYPD are not providing the transparency as prescribed by the bill. Let the NYPD know that you are against mass surveillance.stopspying.org/post-act-commen

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boost to pet the cat
     />  フ
     |  .  . l
     /` ミ_xノ
     /      |
    /  ヽ   ノ
    │  | | |
 / ̄|   | | |
 | ( ̄ヽ_ヽ)__)

LACUNA COIL - Enjoy the Silence - US Version (OFFICIAL VIDEO) youtu.be/Lx58hXh4pVA

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