My greatest fear is having to make a serious profile, instead of just using it for shitposting

Generally I recommend this video[13 min] to new GNU/Linux users.

It's because GNU/Linux is not just about better quality, powerful softwares. There are certain civility one should learn when joining our community... And this video is the beginning.

#gnu #linux #freesw #opensource #foss #floss

Please support "hacking is not a crime" by signing this petition below, to support hackers and push for positive changes. asking for politicians and media to stop portraying hackers as cybercriminals and other important issues for this please sign: :hacker: :crt_w_green_lines:

I want a red winter cap like Jacques Cousteau // Quiero un gorro rojo como el de Jacques Cousteau

good Documentary related to the cyberwar hackers(not cybercriminals) vs corporations/governments for privacy, freedom of speech, dencentralization and peoples rights on a digital age

Total subtoot of a discussion I'm not in:

All books are political.

All writing is political.

All authors are political.

If you only read "non-political books," it's because the politics in those books mesh with yours.

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